Home Breaking News Mamata Banerjee Warns of ‘Autocratic’ Future Under a Third-Term BJP Reign at TMC Youth Wing Rally

Mamata Banerjee Warns of ‘Autocratic’ Future Under a Third-Term BJP Reign at TMC Youth Wing Rally

Mamata Banerjee Warns of ‘Autocratic’ Future Under a Third-Term BJP Reign at TMC Youth Wing Rally

Are we facing a future under an ‘autocratic’ rule? This is the warning given by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at a recent TMC Youth Wing Rally.

Mamata Banerjee’s Dire Warning

During the rally, Banerjee expressed her concerns over the potential consequences facing the nation if the BJP can secure a third consecutive term in power. 

She predicted that the BJP might conduct the Lok Sabha polls as early as December or January next year, claiming that the party had already booked all choppers for their campaign with the intention of monopolizing the available resources. 

“If BJP returns to power for the third consecutive term, the nation would face an autocratic rule,” warns Banerjee. The BJP’s continued reign, according to the Chief Minister, has subdivided the country and instigated animosity among communities. 

The Illegal Firecracker Factory Blasts

Meanwhile, the state has also been witness to numerous illegal firecracker factory blasts. Banerjee alleged that some people are engaging in these unlawful activities with the support of a few police personnel. 

“The majority of policemen are doing their duty with utmost sincerity, but some are helping such people,” she stated.

In a bid towards environmental sustainability, Banerjee urged those involved in the firecracker industry to transition into producing green firecrackers. 

Despite potentially lower profits, she emphasized its importance for safety and protection of the environment.

A Warning to C V Ananda Bose

Amidst these warnings, Banerjee also challenged West Bengal Governor C V Ananda Bose for allegedly violating constitutional norms. 

She claimed that she does not support his “unconstitutional activities”.

A Stand Against Hate Slogans

In an assertive move against hate slogans, Banerjee instructed the police to arrest those involved in voicing such slogans at Jadavpur University.

She boldly declared, “Those raising such slogans should not forget this is Bengal; this is not Uttar Pradesh.”

The concerns raised by Mamata Banerjee paint a grim picture of the potential future under a third-term BJP reign in their current political trajectory in her viewpoint and the ideation she potrayed.

These warnings serve as an urgent reminder of the potential consequences that could unfold if aggressive and divisive political tactics continue unchecked.


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