Home Breaking News Google’s Next Leap: Crafting Artificial Intelligence to Dispense Life Advice

Google’s Next Leap: Crafting Artificial Intelligence to Dispense Life Advice

Google’s Next Leap: Crafting Artificial Intelligence to Dispense Life Advice

Google is apparently exploring new frontiers in artificial intelligence (AI) with a focus on offering life advice, using its advanced language model called Bard. 

This development takes the application of AI to an unprecedented level and could herald a new era of intelligent virtual life coaching.

Google’s Path to life advice: Bard AI

Bard, Google’s large language AI model, has been making waves with its ability to produce human-like conversation. 

The company isn’t satisfied with just that though, they’re actively exploring ways to harness this capacity into productive use, and one such method is by crafting it to dispense life advice.

The technological maven is said to be working with Bard, to explore as many as 21 different functionalities. In addition to offering life advice, this could also include assisting journalists with catchy headlines and generating scientific and creative content.

This doesn’t come without its set of challenges. A major obstacle is that of AI hallucination. It’s a phenomenon where AI makes up facts that are not necessarily true. It is one of the issues that AI developers are currently grappling with.

A meeting of minds: DeepMind and Brain AI Team

To further this cause, Google has brought together DeepMind and the Brain AI team. The goal is to not only develop AI that responds accurately, but also meaningfully with an emotional quotient. 

Such a fusion of technology and psychology could lead to groundbreaking outcomes. It could shift the boundary of what AI does and how it impacts our lives. 

This profound application of generative AI in automation might indeed affect people as AI further infiltrates real-world situations.

Google and OpenAI: A race to generative AI

While Google Bard is making strides, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has already been winning the generative AI race. But don’t write Google off just yet. The tech behemoth is making significant headway and is closely tailing OpenAI in the race.

With a focus on molding Google Bard into an AI that serves as a life coach, Google could be setting up to overtake its competitor. 

Personalized user-based responses are key to this transformation – Bard must learn to respond in a manner that is unique to the user’s needs.

Road Ahead

Will the incorporation of Bard’s AI capabilities transform virtual life coaching? Only time will tell. 

Google’s journey to structure an AI-powered life coach marks an exciting chapter in the convergence of technology and human psychology.

This development will take AI to an unprecedented level and could usher us in a new era of AI capabilities and use cases.


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