World Food Day in the Foodverse

Top Celebrity Chefs Joins OneRare, the World’s First Food Metaverse

OneRare has launched the first-ever global multiplayer NFT game for Foodies worldwide. This one-of-a-kind experiment will take you on an exciting journey across global cuisines and fill your heart with joy!


Chefs in Foodverse

OneRare is on a mission to mint NFTs of every single dish in the world. From popular street food in Hong Kong to an exquisite dessert served to Turkish Sultans, from a delicious Indian curry to Belgium’s most famous potato snack – every dish will be featured on OneRare and immortalized on the blockchain.

On 16th October 2022, OneRare – The World’s First Food Metaverse Game celebrated the #WorldFoodDay in their Foodverse. To honor Chefs in the foodverse, OneRare will launch exclusive Dish NFTs of their partner Chefs’ recipes.

OneRare has partnered with Vicky Ratnani, Saransh Goila, Depinder, and Anthony Sarpong to bring their recipes to OneRare’s kitchen. One can now mint Vicky Ratnani’s Roti Tacos, Saransh Goila’s Tandoori Phool, Depinder’s Chai Cupcake, and Anthony’s Melon Salad in OneRare’s Kitchen. Minting and Holding these special Dish NFTs will unlock perks & privileges in the foodverse and beyond.

The Food Metaverse Platform has planned multiple utilities of these Dish NFTs, in the foodverse and in real life. If you are a food-enthusiast and would like to get early-access to their events & recipes, you shouldn’t be missing out on the Chef-branded Dish NFTs.

This initiative will enable Food Lovers, Chefs, and Food Brands to come together and celebrate the various utilities of the metaverse. Whether you want to get into a brand’s loyalty program or get early-access to Chef’s new recipes – owning these Dish NFTs will make it possible. These NFTs will also be the tickets to the virtual experiences organized by Chefs & Restaurants in the foodverse.

Note from the Co-founder, Supreet Raju: We are very excited for #WorldFoodDay! We have been waiting for months to bring Dish NFTs of our partner Chefs to the foodverse & it will be finally out this Sunday. Our community is ready to mint more NFTs on World Food Day and get ahead on the leaderboard. We are inviting everyone to come and celebrate #WorldFoodDay with us in the Foodverse.

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