The Lip Balm Company Launches 8 New Tinted Lip Balms


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

  • Under NIRAM range, these colored lip balms are made from plant extracts

  • Ideal for children, pregnant and nursing mothers

Chennai based The Lip Balm Company (TLBC), powered by brand ambassador Nayanthara, is rolling out their much-awaited range of tinted lip balms this Diwali! The brand, well known for its eco-centric product range, high-grade plant extract ingredients, and custom products for special groups like children, pregnant women, and nursing moms, has created this new range of tinted lip balms satisfying everyone’s demand for coloured lip balms.

The newly launched plant based tinted lip balms from The Lip Balm Company


“Launching 8 tinted lip balms under the iconic NIRAM range, the tints here are very unique, having been made purely from plant extracts without any mercury, or lead content commonly seen in most synthetic-based lip balms or the cochineal dye which is obtained from insects. The lip balms also have a plumping, cushioning effect which adds to the aesthetic appeal. Again, natural plant extracts are used to provide the distinct fruity aroma,” said Irene Janet A, Chief Coordinator, E-Commerce Execution, The Lip Balm Company.

“Six of the lip balms come in glass tint pots, and 2 of them in super eco-friendly cardboard push up tubes. The tinted lip balms are in two colour families – Purple Pink and Red Orange. This range also includes a set of nude tints, anchored by tomato and chili extracts, to add some fun to the lip balm experience,” she added.

Priced at Rs. 456/-, the biodegradable, plant-based lip balms are a great way to connect eco-consciousness with aesthetic needs.

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