EcoFlow Power Kits for Power Anywhere

EcoFlow Power Kits for Power Anywhere

EcoFlow, the company behind the world’s first eco-friendly portable energy storage line of products that equips you with clean, quiet, and renewable power, has announced the arrival of the EcoFlow Power Kits to the region.

EcoFlow Power Kits

EcoFlow Power Kits are the world’s first integrated, plug-and-play power solutions designed especially for small homes and Recreational Vehicles (RVs). Whether you’re replacing your van’s electrics or building a system from scratch, the Power Kits plug-and-play system allows you to easily modify your hardware to fit your van and power needs. Simply stack a battery to increase its capacity or plug in a solar panel for faster charging.

With a base capacity of 2KWh that’s expandable to 15KWh, the EcoFlow Power Kits fit every user’s exact power needs. With the addition of the AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel, the Power Kit Console, and 3 different types of solar panels, users can select their own add-ons to meet their needs for control, monitor, as well as sustainability. Unlike other RV power solutions, EcoFlow Power Kits combine five components into one Power Hub that deals with all your power needs, saving you space, money, and the set-up hassle.

Furthermore, by utilizing a unique 48V system, the EcoFlow Power Kits have a quarter of the electric current flowing through the cables compared to traditional 12V systems, resulting in less heat. With fewer cables compared to existing modular power solutions, the EcoFlow Power Kits reduces the risk of wrong wiring. By enhancing user experience in safety, the EcoFlow Power Kits offers users peace of mind while enjoying their off-grid lives.


With the smart control option on the APP, you can monitor your energy consumption from anywhere in addition to several setting options and real-time data tracking accessible from the APP as well as from the Power Kit Console.

Simplicity is a key feature in the design of the EcoFlow Power Kits: The 5-in-1 Power Hub, the stackable LFP Batteries with built-in fuse box, and the thin cables. The simplistic nature of the EcoFlow Power Kits frees users from long installation processes. Also, the EcoFlow Power Kits allow users more time and space to enjoy their off-grid lives.

Smart living has become a major trend as the number of smart homes is forecast to surpass the 350 million mark by 2023 (Statista). The EcoFlow Power Kits empower people’s smart living by offering more monitor and control over their power consumption.


EcoFlow is currently looking for dealers across the Middle East. For further information, please contact or visit EcoFlow’s website.

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