DPIFF is Thrilled to Announce ‘TTK Prestige’ as the Esteemed ‘Co-Powered By Partner’ for 2023

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Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival (DPIFF) is all set to host its annual award ceremony to pay tribute to the stalwarts of the Entertainment and Film Industry in India. Co-Powered By India’s largest and most awarded kitchen appliances brand TTK Prestige, the occasion will celebrate the rich heritage of Indian cinema in commemoration of the legacy of Dadasaheb Phalke Ji.


DPIFF x TTK Prestige Association Announcement


TTK Prestige has been a household name in Indian kitchens for over 60 years. The TTK Group was founded in 1928, and the flagship company TTK Prestige Ltd. has been spearheading innovation made possible by the generational reservoir of knowledge it has inculcated over time. The brand produces thoroughly researched high quality products which are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities.


Official Announcement: DPIFF x TTK Prestige Association Announcement


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Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Chandru Kalro, Managing Director of TTK Prestige said, “TTK Prestige is proud to support the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2023, a rich cultural event celebrating the diversity of India. Just as every person in India has an emotional connection with the Indian Film Industry, TTK Prestige has become an integral part of every household in India by bringing joy and ease to lives of Indians for over six decades, with our range of innovative and durable products. We look forward to enrich our bonds and further cement our place in the hearts of India, through our common ethos of creating magic and beautiful moments.” 


TTK Prestige has always been at the forefront of innovations in design and functionality of cookware products. They were pioneers in the creations of the pressure cooker which is the biggest saver of time and energy in the kitchen. Taking on responsibility for the environment, their manufacturing infrastructure comprises of an eco-friendly zero discharge water treatment facility which adds to the sustainability initiative. Along with continually creating the best range of products, for TTK Prestige, being a responsible Samaritan of Indian society is the first and foremost priority. TTK Prestige has spearheaded many sustainable societal initiatives like running blood bank and schools. Moreover, TTK Prestige has also installed water purifiers in government schools in Bangalore in order to further the mission of accessible drinking water.


Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival shares this philanthropic spirit and has planned 10 CSR activities to tackle social and environmental challenges in India. With initiatives which make real impacts, the young team of DPIFF has become known for their conscious contributions towards the progress of the country.


DPIFF 2023 has endeavoured to embark on a journey through the annals of the silver screen, aiming to highlight the theme of Cinematic Tourism. The prestigious platform plans to honour the diversity of India with an evening of revelry that will feature cultural splendour from all corners of the nation, while saluting the spectacular storytellers of the land. Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2023 under the support of Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya, Co-Powered By TTK Prestige to be held on 20th February, 2023 in Mumbai.


Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival is India’s only independent international film festival, and it is on a mission to toast the work of aspiring, young, independent, and professional filmmakers. DPIFF aims to felicitate those artists of the film fraternity who have put in their hard work and have shown true promise, along with the dedication to excel.


The mission, as always, is to cultivate and promote the art and science of film through education and cross-cultural awareness. The team believes that the medium of cinema as well as TV series are artforms that hold the power to bridge cultures and illuminate the universality of the human experience.


For more information on Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2023, you may visit:  www.dpiff.in


About TTK Prestige

TTK Prestige Limited is part of TTK Group. Over the past six decades TTK Prestige Limited, has emerged as India’s largest kitchen appliances company catering to the needs of homemakers in the country. Every Prestige brand product is built on the pillars of safety, innovation, durability and trust, making the brand the first choice in millions of homes. In April 2016, TTK Prestige launched ‘Prestige Clean Home’ a range of innovative home cleaning solutions.  The company also bought UK based Horwood Homewares in the same month and launched Judge Brand in India in August 2017.


For more information, please visit: www.ttkprestige.com.

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