Couch Potato, a Comfort Product from SleepX for a Fun Lounging Experience

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Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

SleepX, the new age e-commerce brand from Sheela Foam Ltd. that targets the youth has launched a super comfortable and trendy product SleepX Couch Potato. The product targets all the Genz and millennials who look for unique and trendy products along with comfort. The name Couch Potato reverberates with the brand’s endeavor of providing unique comfort solution products.


SleepX Couch Potato (Lounger)


As the name suggests, SleepX Couch Potato is a perfect product for all fun and relaxing purposes whether it be lounging, gaming, reading, watching movies or comfortable sleeping. This versatile product caters to all the people who are looking for adding a style quotient to their interior decor with comfort and ease. Sitting or relaxing on this product will make you feel like sitting on a cloud as its super soft, cosy shape envelopes your body when you sink in.


Introducing the SleepX Couch Potato




For people who are spending most of their time working at home, SleepX assures that this product will take half of your work stress away. The product is made of hi quality HR foam, fibre and memory foam and has a soft Chinchilla fur like cover which is super soft and comfortable. The removable fur cover made of anti-wrinkle fabric can be maintained through machine wash, unlike other lounging products that needs special maintenance. Not to be confused with a bean bag, this couch potato is way more durable and comfortable and is available in 2 sizes: 5 ft.* 2 ft. 4 ft.* 2 ft. This eclectic product comes with a warranty of 2 years with free shipping.


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About Sheela Foam

Sheela Group is a leader in Polyurethane (PU) foam. Sheela Group is a multi-billion-rupee entity. It has a nationwide presence in manufacturing PU Foam with a global marketing perspective and an impeccable track record, since 1971. Sheela Group is committed to a onepoint programmed that of bringing comfort, convenience, and luxury to enhance the lifestyle of a modern man.


The winning brands of Sheela Group include: SLEEPWELL-The flagship brand for mattresses and comfort accessories, FEATHER FOAM-A Pure PU Foam; LAMIFLEX-A superior quality POLYETHER/POLYESTER foam for lamination. These are ranked as the largest selling PU foams in the country.

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