Among all Things Sweet, SleepX Encourages People to Get Some ‘Meethi Neend’, in their Latest Festive Campaign

Launch of Sleepwell’s New Website for the Digital Age

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

With the festive season around the corner, people are expected to get into the festive fervour by cleaning their homes, making shopping lists, and preparing loads of sweets. It’s the busiest time in the Indian household and it is only about to get busier, given that people had to put their celebrations on hold over the past two years. Among all this hustle-bustle of festivities, people compromise on their sleep. So, as a sleep solutions company, SleepX is here with some sweet advice that can make everyone’s Diwali celebrations even sweeter.


Diwali Meethi Neend: This year, begin your preparations and celebrations, with some #MeethiNeend

Leveraging the significance of sweets during festivals, the #MeethiNeend (sweet sleep) campaign encourages people to be well rested for their well-deserved celebrations. At the same time, it also stands out of the clutter of festive advertising, with its early launch targeting the festive sale period.


Big celebrations are finally around the corner


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