Add Personality to Diwali Gifts with CanvasChamp

Add Personality to Diwali Gifts with CanvasChamp

Diwali is just around the corner, and with this one of the most awaited festivals in India comes a significant responsibility: Gifts! Be it clothes, utensils, home decor, or vehicles, every Indian family has a tradition of gifting something memorable to their loved ones on Diwali.



However, customer choices are shifting. A trend of choosing personalised gifts that are one-of-a-kind is becoming a new norm. That is why CanvasChamp is working to turn simple things like canvases, mugs, aprons, ties, socks, and other stuff into cool customised gifts.


To maximise the choices, users can scroll and check out a collection of over 200+ custom products at affordable prices on CanvasChamp’s user-friendly website, which gives them a clear edge over competitors that sell similar quality at twice or thrice the rates. The company is also focusing on tie-ups with different shipping partners worldwide to ensure people can send gifts globally.


Jainam Shah, Founder of CanvasChamp, says, “Both these guarantees exist because we are extremely confident of our products and price points. We constantly add new products to the catalogue to give our users more choices and personalisation options.”


Finding the best gifts

CanvasChamp’s mission is to make personalised gifting as easy as possible. And this means making it easy to search for the best gifts within a short time! Thanks to real-time editing and easy-to-use online design tools, users can customise products online in a few minutes and see how the end product will look before finalising the order.


From engineer to e-commerce founder

Jainam Shah studied engineering before joining his father’s print solutions company. He combined his love for personalised gifts and printing solutions to create CanvasChamp to allow people to customise home decor items at a fair price.


Our work is very important to us, and that reflects in our attitude towards our work. We have bootstrapped our way up. The team’s strength is a clear understanding of the product requirement and a particular focus on delivering an outstanding shopping experience to our customers. Right from the online experience to the product to after-sales, we as a team strive to offer our customers an excellent experience. That is one of our biggest strengths as a team,” adds Jainam.


About CanvasChamp

CanvasChamp is a personalised gifts company that was started in 2012. To date, CanvasChamp has shipped over 2,000,000 prints worldwide! CanvasChamp operates in five locations: India, Australia, Canada, the USA, and New Zealand.


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