Salud Inks 11-Country Distribution Agreement with Maritime and Mercantile International (MMI), Part of the Emirates Group

Salud Beverages Bags 1 Gold and 2 Silver at The London Spirits Competition

Salud Beverages Pvt. Ltd., an award-winning home-grown lifestyle brand signed an 11-country, inter-continental distributions deal with Maritime and Mercantile International (MMI). MMI is one of the leading distributors in the world and part of the renowned Emirates Group. The MMI deal makes Salud a global brand that will be available across 11 countries. Salud propels its journey with the United Arab Emirates in September, following up collaborations with other international markets.


Salud Beverages is the only RTD Indian company to have won awards and accolades on a global stage, including the IWSC, London and CWSA in Hong Kong, making it the country’s favourite RTD – pioneering in G&T. MMI’s formidable supply chain model will enable the brand to reach out to a larger audience, helping Salud navigate successful routes in the international markets.


Currently available in four Indian states, Salud has prevailed – with growing acceptance and popularity amongst community members seeking out a lifestyle that Salud has to offer. With plans to expand to other parts of the country, the brand strives to build a community willing to challenge and restructure the industry standards. Salud’s community members resonate with their brand’s purpose to #CelebrateLife2.0.


Since its conception, the brand’s mission has been to make itself a Global Indian company manufacturing world-class products. Right from launching the country’s first cocktail in a bottle, G&T 2.0, to being the first to enter the Metaverse with a roadmap, the brand has redefined the rules of the urban lifestyle. Salud holds an impressive product portfolio of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages along with exclusive music tracks called the ‘Salud Sessions’ and a clothing line, ‘Salud Merch’, that’s all the rage in the community.


Ajay Shetty, Founder-Director, Salud said, “Our vision is to become a global Indian brand with products on par with international standards. We strive for excellence, innovate and develop products that strike a chord with not just the audience back home, but also the world over. With MMI, we found an able partner who was aligned with our thought process. This association catapults our reach in global markets and strengthens our distribution channel and helps build the strong product line-up and inclusive customer-centric experiences that the brand is known for. We are thrilled that our entry into the global markets will bring our entire product range and experiences to a much larger audience, which will introduce them to Salud Sessions, Salud Merch and our award winning G&T’s. We have also entered Metaverse; will be dropping 9 exclusive NFTs in collaboration with an internationally renowned artist that will set the ball rolling in the Web 3.0 space. All these culminate to connecting with a customer base across the globe looking for experiences that not only resonates with their lifestyle but also adds value to it,” concluded Ajay.


Salud made an enormous impact at the start of 2021 by launching the country’s first Gin & Tonic while contesting the pandemic. The brand launched three variants of bottled cocktails and Salud G&T 2.0. The brand followed it up by launching other exciting products in the beverage, music, and fashion verticals, redefining customer-brand engagement while dishing out unique experiences.


About Salud

The idea started off as just a beverage brand but evolved into an urban lifestyle brand purely through the impact of our marketing strategies. Salud intends on becoming collaborating a Global Lifestyle Brand with a universal appeal. Be it in developing a variety of flavours or and producing music and fashion for the community.


Being an aspirational brand with Lifestyle as its ethos, we work with Music, Fashion, Cryptos and other collaterals for better experiences. Salud has pioneered India’s Ready-To-Drink Gin & Tonic beverage called G&T 2.0 along with Sonic (Soda-Tonic) and Strong, with a vision of a world where people come together and #CelebrateLife. We bring the Midas touch, building a community that hopes to cultivate a new culture. Salud aims to change the way one unwinds with its quintessence in a bottle. G&T 2.0 has been introduced in a variety of natural flavours, which contributes to Salud’s image as an exciting alcohol brand. Owing to both its diverse flavours and character, Salud has achieved awards at the International level such as The London Spirits Competition, International Wine and Spirits Competition, CWSC, etc. We cater to a wide audience, free of discrimination and full of inclusivity.


Salud Sessions, the House and Techno music label has signed on various talented local and international artists. These artists come together and compose tracks that add to the remarkable culture that we’re trying to create.


Keeping up with the trends, Salud Merchandise, we have laid the cornerstone for an exciting clothing line, which is gender-free and for anyone to style with their outfits.


Salud has been launched in selected Indian states and is in process of becoming available across India followed by an endorsement for an InterContinental distribution deal for various international markets like the Middle East and the UK. Salud is changing the way the world parties. Growth and change are the essences of Salud’s brand mission.


Salud also makes an entry into the NFT space, laying out a full-fledged roadmap for Web3.0.


The key investors are Anthill Ventures, Rana Dagubatti, a celebrated actor, Prasad Vanga from Anthill, Srini Koppolu, former managing director of Microsoft India, and are all our speed scaling partners who are the backbones in this pathway along with Ajay Shetty, who was previously a banker and now an entrepreneur who successfully sold his previous wine venture, to lead and build a whole new Urban Lifestyle brand.


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