LBank’s Indian Users Grows Rapidly After its Crypto Roadshow


LBank undertook a noteworthy initiative to impact and educate the local communities in India. Through its highly acclaimed “The LBank Show,” the team visited four cities in the region, including Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai.

LBank India’s first Crypto Roadshow

According to the verified data from the LBank team, the success of the show has resulted in an exponential increase of Indian users to the exchange.

Many attendees testified to the crypto tour’s success on social media platforms like Twitter, as they declared that it lived up to its intriguing tagline “The First Crypto Roadshow That Put You at the Core“.

The Co-organisers Encryptus, Azadi Records and The Swaraj Projekt, put together a memorable program that featured lectures by blockchain specialists and ecosystem builders, led by Shantnoo Saxsena.

On July 17, 2022, the top cryptocurrency exchange began the first part of its trip with a thumping ceremony that aims to reignite Delhi’s interest in cryptocurrency.

In addition, Shantnoo moderated a panel discussion where he mentioned that “the primary aim of the meet-up is to provide crypto education and in turn, facilitate more adoption“.

Furthermore, the group travelled to Kolkata for an intimate yet elaborate educational gathering on July 23rd.

Shantnoo Saxsena, a member of the LBank team led conversations on Web3, the Metaverse, and the reason for the exchange’s interest in India. According to Shantnoo, “LBank is exploring the Indian cryptocurrency ecosystem in preparation to invest and incubate innovative projects through LBank Labs.”

He adds, “We are here to learn from the locals and regulators and discover the best synergy and approach to launch into the system. We are eager to repeat our Kenyan Incubation efforts in India.” He further pointed out that “LBank is not looking at INR to crypto conversion ourselves.”

Following its conclusion in Kolkata, its team travelled to Pune on July 28 for another grand ceremony. The response from the community was heartwarming, to put it mildly, as many expressed their delight to LBank for organising an event of this magnitude for them.

Moreover, Shantnoo with other panellists covered subjects including regulations and compliance, NFTs, the significance of musical NFTs and their use cases.

LBank gave Mumbai an event to remember on July 29 to mark the end of its tour and the beginning of a great relationship. Not to mention, the attendees claim that they enjoyed the afterparties, especially the performances from the Azadi Records artists.

Forasmuch as “The LBank Show” goes, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, LBank, put its best foot forward in India, says Twitter netizens. Thus, the show took the second spot on the ladder of trends.

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