Know These Gin Rummy Rules & Win Every Game


Rummy is an immensely popular card game played all over the world. In different countries, the game is played in different ways using different sets of rules. Some variations of this rummy game are also popular in India. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we used to play the Gin rummy (which is a variation of a rummy game that we will discuss later on) together with our friends and families. Due to covid things have drastically changed and we were forced to maintain social distance in order to stop the spread of coronavirus.

During the same time, as it became difficult to play games together in person, GetMega which is an online gaming platform, helped us enjoy a game of Gin rummy along with our friends and families. With its online video calling facility, we could connect and communicate with each other while playing the game.

If you don’t know much about Gin rummy, in this article, we will discuss the rules of Gin rummy which in turn can help you win the Gin rummy games you play in GetMega.

About Gin rummy

The Gin or Gin rummy is a variant of the rummy card game and can be played between two players. Moreover, due to its immense popularity, it is considered one of the most played two-player card games.

This game was created in the year 1909 by a father and son named Elwood T Baker and C. Graham Baker. The intention behind creating this game was to make it faster than any traditional rummy game but will remain unconstrained. This game is also known to increase and develop the memory, focus, and strategic skills of individuals.

Gin rummy oriGinates from the United States of America and was introduced in the year 1900.

How can you win the Gin rummy in GetMega ? 

Normally, before the game of Gin rummy begins the players need to agree on a point at first. The players usually decide on 100 points (to become the winner). 

  • Firstly, each player randomly draws a card and then 10 cards are dealt to every player.
  • The remaining cards are put down on the table in the face-down position and beside the deck, the top card of the deck is put down in a face-up position.
  • The non-dealer can choose from the discarded pile while he will be the one to initiate the game. 
  • If the non-dealer player passes to you (who is the dealer) then you can take a card from the discard pile. 
  • Again if you pass, then your opponent will have to initiate the game by drawing the uppermost card from the deck or stockpile.
  • During the individual turns, both of you can choose to pick up a card from the discard or the stockpile.
  • At the end of your turn, every player must discard one card from their hand to the discard pile.
  • If you want to remove the deadwood, then you will have to match as many cards as possible.
  • If a player removes the deadwood from his hands and shuffles all of his cards then the player will successfully win that round (which is also known as Going Gin).
  • Your hand will be immediately cancelled if the number of cards left in the stockpile is 2. Nobody will receive any points and you will need to deal with the cards again.

What are the Gin rummy rules you need to be aware of ?

In this rummy card matching game, the Kings are high and the aces are regarded as low. Gin rummy is played between two players and a 52 cards standard deck is used for each round. As a player, your main aim would be to remove the deadwood and ameliorate your hand by dissolving the cards.

  • Deadwood is the cards that don’t associate with each other.
  • If you want to Ace in Gin rummy then you will have to play low card. For example, you can play A23 but you won’t be able to use QKA. 
  • Normally in Gin Rummy, any player with 10 or fewer deadwood points can knock.

How to play Gin rummy with more than 2 players ?

Although the game is usually played between 2 players. Nevertheless, if more than 2 players are interested in playing the game together, then you can play with a maximum of 4 players and everyone will be given 7 cards but the ultimate goal of the players will remain the same.

The first player to reach 100 points in Gin rummy usually wins the game.

Why should you play Gin rummy in GetMega ?

Available for all

GetMega is an online gaming platform where people of all ages can play the game. Moreover, the video chat facility of the platform makes the game more interactive and enjoyable for the users.

24*7 customer support

Unlike any other online gaming platform, GetMega offer 24*7 online customer support means that if you have any query related to the game or any payment-related issues then you can directly contact customer support and they will try to resolve the issue promptly.

Better security features

The security features provided by GetMega are top-notch. As a user of this gaming platform, you won’t have to worry about your data or money being stolen from the source. Moreover, GetMega has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal users. Therefore, you also won’t be able to find any bot or player who is part of deceptive practices.

If you want to enjoy playing online Gin rummy to its fullest then you should play the same in the GetMega. Be it Android or iOS, GetMega is supported by all kinds of platforms. Moreover, people of all ages can play and enjoy the games offered by GetMega. Unlike any other online gaming platform, GetMega features an online video chat facility where you can interact with your fellow players while playing your favourite or desired game.

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