Home Breaking News Jaipur Set to Host India’s Largest Education Brainstorm

Jaipur Set to Host India’s Largest Education Brainstorm

Jaipur Set to Host India’s Largest Education Brainstorm


The 4th edition of India’s largest education brainstorming event, the ScooNews Global Educators Fest (SGEF) will be held on the 4th, 5th and 6th of August, 2022 at Jaipur Marriott Hotel in Pink City. It will bring together over 500 educators to discuss the way towards establishing India as the next global education powerhouse.


SGEF – over 500 national and international delegates will be seen attending the fest


The theme for this year’s fest is ‘Transforming School Curriculum: Empowering Learning for Life‘.


SGEF will run alongside the first event of TOD-FOD-JOD, a unique ‘tinkering fest’ for early childhood educators. Over 100 speakers will shed light on multi-disciplinary concepts of early childhood education and brainstorm on educational theories that can be applied to the classrooms and centres. During the sessions, educators will reconstruct and repurpose important early childhood theories, practices, and ideas to make them more relevant and applicable in post-pandemic classrooms.


Pink City is ready to welcome the top educators of the country


Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar of Udaipur Royalty is the patron of this year’s edition. He said, “I am pleased to be part of the Global Educators Fest 2022. I robustly believe in passion for the development of education in the country. I also admire the hard work, uncountable hours, and innovation being put to work by the Educationalists to scale learning expertise amongst students of the 21st century India.”


Dr. Swati Popat Vats, President, Early Childhood Association said, “We fully recognize the pivotal role played by our educators, especially in early childhood, and are honoured and excited to present them with this special Tod-Fod-Jod conference where experts will conduct activity-based sessions to teach academic concepts using engaging methodologies like story-telling, play, art, and outdoor activities. It will always be our endeavor to empower our educators knowing that they shape our collective future.


Mr. Ravi Santlani, CEO, ScooNews said, “Global Educators Fest 2022 is a Celebration of Education, now in its fourth year, it has become a most attended, most recognized, and most awaited global event of and for educators. Our focus is to celebrate the good work and ideas with the education fraternity and provide a fertile ground for ideation and discussion. I am honoured and thankful to our advisory board, participants, and patrons for making #SGEF2022 India’s Largest Education Brainstorm.


The SGEF will see top educators speaking on how to move towards a sustainable education system that prioritizes creativity over conformity. Over 100 educators from across the world will speak on key issues concerning Education in the new world, with power packed panels spread over 2 days.


The attending educators will also benefit from the experiences of Dr. Abdulla Rasheed Ahmed, the Minister of State for Education, Republic of Maldives.


The fest will provide an excellent platform for individuals and organizations contributing to the cause of education, schools as well as start-ups to debate on innovation with industry leaders on Industry-Academia partnerships, showcase their products among peers and network with like-minded people.


ScooNews will also be recognizing individuals and organizations excelling at Innovation in the field of Education by assisting the industry with trend-setting solutions and best practice sharing.



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