Man shot his wife in Manali

Man shot his wife in Manali

Manali: We hear extra marital affairs now and then, but it is not that common to see a full enraged killing. In this horrific occurrence the man was living in Delhi, after discovering that a man was seeing his wife behind his back in Manali, he visited and fatally shot his wife’s boyfriend in hotel in Manali while they were in bed, Himachal Pradesh.

Two Delhi-born women were allegedly lodging at the Manali hotel, according to the police. She invited her friend Sunny to her room on Thursday night. As soon as the husband arrived at the motel, he noticed Sunny was with her in bed. He got enraged and shot at Sunny and his wife and then he committed suicide. The police reported it that he later committed suicide.

The incident is being looked into, according to the police. The women had no involvement in the incident, they said at first glance. But the images are still to be relieved.

Stay tuned for images of the incident.


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