This Mother’s Day, Sunita’s Makerspace Gifts Vatsalyadham, An Adventure Session to 500 Makers


Surat, Gujarat, India

Summer holidays are best time to invest perfectly in grooming inner and outer self, keeping in mind Sunita’s Makerspace which believes that there is a potential Maker in each individual and age is no bar to create, innovate, have synergy and socialize gave the underprivileged Makers of Vatsalyadham a space to explore, to be themselves, to know the world outside one’s comfort zone and become competition ready.


Camps are retreats for children to grow and learn, both emotionally and socially

As a Mother’s Day gift, Sunita’s Makerspace gifts their 500 Makers of Vatsalyadham an adventure-filled two-day session on 4th and 5th May 2022. Makers got a chance to participate in various courageous activities and had a memory for a lifetime. Several activities like zip-lining, tunnel crawl, commander net, big multi vine and many more were organized for the makers.


The makers experienced thrill in air and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Organizing such activities helps the makers to move out of their comfort zones and improve their growth, it also helps in developing self-confidence and gives break from daily routine and experience the newness.


Sunita’s Makerspace constantly strives for making such platforms available for all their makers and create an experience that lasts forever. It also takes the opportunity to salute each mother, her vision, her contribution in nurturing the values and being a constant support for a child to grow in a safe and happy surrounding.


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