Hafele Presents its New Premium Range of Storage Solutions

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Hafele presents its new premium range of efficient, ergonomic and holistic storage solutions. This cleverly designed range not only utilizes the space available in your kitchen effectively but also optimises functionality so that you, our customer can get ‘more life per meter square’. The range comprises of Slim Pull-outs for bottle or towel storage, a Side Pull-out to store jars, a Larder unit and Pantry unit for bulk storage of groceries and a corner unit to store your pots and pans.


Hafele Storage Solutions Corner Unit

Available in two attractive finishes, Chrome and Metallic Anthracite, these German-engineered Storage Solutions seamlessly bequeath elegance and balance to your kitchen interiors. Equipped with the best operating characteristics, inherent elegant motions and distinguished material and finish properties, the range truly represents the well-known Hafele quality standards.


Hafele Storage Solutions Bottle Pullout

Effective Space Utilisation
Hafele’s cleverly designed Storage Solutions are meant to increase space usage in kitchens. Hafele’s Larder and Pantry Unit make great use of vertical space available within the kitchen and are ideal for bulk storage of groceries or heavy-volume items. The Slim Pull-outs for bottles and kitchen towels effectively use the last 150 mm horizontal space below the counter that generally goes to waste. Our Corner unit that comes with a patented design technology effectively converts the dead space within kitchen

Easy Access
Hafele’s Corner Unit comes with a patented motion design that allows all the contents of the unit to come out allowing complete access, with a single operation. With 4 baskets, installed astutely into the unit, you get maximum opportunity to store your pots and pans and other utility items in this corner unit. The ergonomic design ensures that the baskets come out of the cabinet, giving you the convenience of accessing whatever you want.


German Quality
The Storage Solutions by Hafele come with robust testing standards that meet the LGA certification requirements. With the best operating characteristics, inherent elegant motions and distinguished material and finish properties, these solutions truly represent the well-known Hafele standards of quality.

Tracking link 
The Slim Pull-outs for bottles and kitchen towels – bit.ly/3LWA3xh
Hafele’s Larder and Pantry Unit – bit.ly/3M2RrjN
Hafele’s Corner Unit – bit.ly/3915jwk
Storage solutions – bit.ly/3kQSTJY

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About Hafele
Hafele India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hafele Global network and has been operating in India since 2003 under the leadership of Mr. Jurgen Wolf (Managing Director). The ability of the company to understand the diverse Indian market has made it an authority in the field of architectural hardware, furniture and kitchen fittings and accessories. The company also has a strong presence in synergized product categories namely Home Appliances, Furniture Lighting, Sanitary and Surfaces catering to the focused demand from these industries. 

The subsidiary has a strong nation-wide presence with offices in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Cochin. It has full-scale operations in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh with Regional offices and Design Showrooms in both the countries; and has also spread its operations to other regions of South Asia including Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives.

Hafele India services its customers with a base of over 1300 employees, a well-networked Franchise network of over 190 shops along with over 500 direct dealers and 90+ distributors who in turn cater to over 8000 satelite dealers. The subsidiary has a sophisticated Logistics centre in Mumbai along with distribution centres in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Colombo respectively.

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