Toray Industries Hosts Toray Forum India 2022 to Put Spotlight on Sustainability Challenges Around Clean Air

Toray Industries Hosts Toray Forum India 2022 to Put Spotlight on Sustainability Challenges Around Clean Air

  • The 2nd edition of Toray Forum India was graced by Minister Kunihiko Kawazu Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of Japan to India and Ms. Tanushree Ganguly, Lead – Air Quality Program, CEEW.  

  • The Toray Forum witnessed distinguished subject experts sharing profound, evidence-based insights on the theme Sustainability – Clean Air.

  • Air pollution is a very complex behavioral, cultural and economic challenge. The experts suggested there is no magic bullet because air pollution is as national as it is regional and local. Hence, one solution does not fit all of India.   

The major global industrial conglomerate, Toray Industries India Private Limited held the 2nd edition of its flagship and prestigious convention, the Toray Forum India 2022, in Delhi, today. This was the second Toray Forum India, which is a continuation of the first Toray Forum India, held in February 2019, in New Delhi. 

Group photo of team at Toray Forum India 2022 Sustainability and Clear air


The Forum drew leadership from corporate India, Toray’s customers and suppliers, Central and State Governments officials, diplomats, think-tanks, service providers like consulting, engineering, legal and audit firms, academia and subject experts in an intimate setting to share best-of-breed ideas to deliberate upon the theme “Sustainability – Clean Air”. 

The convention opened with Mr. Akihiro Nikkaku, President and CEO, Toray Industries, Inc., welcoming the invitees. Elaborating upon the businesses of Toray Group and stating its vision for contributing to the sustainable growth of India, Mr. Nikkaku, said, “Toray Group aims to realize a carbon neutral society by increasing the contribution to GHG reduction through Green Innovation (GR) businesses. Toray’s history in India starts in the 1960s. Besides trading activities, we have established our plants in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh with the motto of contributing to the sustainable development of these regions with innovative technologies and advance materials. The development of our green innovation businesses will contribute to the sustainability goals of the Indian society.”

Speaking on this occasion with his special address, Minister Mr. Kunihiko Kawazu, Deputy Chief of Mission, Japan’s Embassy to India, said, “PM Fumio Kishida visited India last month to hold the 14th India Japan Annual Summit with PM Modi to further forge our economic partnerships by announcing Japan’s intent to invest Rs. 3 lakh crore in India over the next 5 years. Additionally, both leaders made important announcements with respect to Paris Agreement.”

To achieve India’s decarbonization goal by 2070, Minister Kawazu suggested that India would need deep partnerships between private and public institutions. Japanese companies, like Toray, have much to offer Indian society with technology, advanced raw materials and environmental solutions. 

Sharing an overview on the importance of air filters, Mr. Shin Ito, General Manager, Environment & Amenity Products Division, Toray, added, “Air pollution is a big problem in India and other emerging countries in the world. During the COVID pandemic, the demand for air filters recorded a new high in India. Due to extensive awareness around air pollution, customers in India require high efficiency filtration system for PM2.5 particles and less. In 2021, Toray launched air filter business in India to address this challenge. Toray is now offering customized air filter solutions in India.”

Offering an expert perspective in her keynote address, Ms. Tanushree Ganguly, Lead – Air Quality Program, Council for Energy, Environment & Water (CEEW), said, “There is a need for multi-stakeholder collaboration to address sustainability challenges like air pollution. India needs a mission mode approach which will only work when there is a collaboration between the political class, citizens, and private players. The first step for political leadership is to devise aggressive targets, build effective and accountable institutions for air pollution, and set clear metrics for performance. Only with metrics can you manage the problem. There needs to be a people centric agenda for clean air, so that citizens can act on available information, protect the vulnerable, State and corporate action need to go hand in hand. It is important for the business sector to understand climate risks, report transparently on its emissions and environmental impact, and leverage innovation and new technologies to mitigate emissions.”

Ms. Ganguly hopes that in the near future clean air becomes an electoral issue on which citizens’ vote.

Other distinguished speakers at the forum Industry experts included Mr. Barun Agarwal, Founder and CEO, Breathe Easy Consultants Pvt. Ltd., which offers zero PM2.5 clean air solutions; and Dr. Pratima Singh, Research Scientist, Air Pollution Lead, Center for Study of Services, Technology & Policy (CSTEP). The interactive forum saw spirited questions and answers between the speakers and the audience. Mr. Shigekazu Suenaga, Chairman and Chief Representative of Toray in India thanked all guests and speakers and closed the Toray Forum India 2022.

Well-known all around the globe for its superlative technologies addressing the challenge of air pollution, Toray’s air filter solutions for HVAC units, new split level air conditioners, air purifiers and automotive cabin filters provide clean air with cutting edge, durable and cost-effective technology. They are a much needed solution for Indian Society as Clean Air is an issue across India, especially in winter months.


About Toray Group India

Toray Industries, Inc., established in 1926, is a maker of premium, advanced materials. Its approximately 46,000 employees work in 29 countries generate $18 B in global revenue. Toray’s corporate philosophy is “contribution to the society through the creation of new values” and its employees are dedicated to “Innovation by Chemistry”. Toray researches, manufactures and sells Fibers & Textiles, Resins & Chemicals, Films, Carbon Fiber Composite Materials, Electronic & Information Materials, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products, Water Treatment & Environment and new innovative Materials and Products.

Based upon Toray’s corporate philosophy, Toray formulated “Toray Group Sustainability Vision” in 2018 balancing greenhouse gas emissions with absorption resulting in carbon neutrality by 2050. Green Innovation and Life Innovation are key pillars of the Sustainability Vision which target significant reduction in Toray’s carbon and waste emissions, water and power consumption. This would be accomplished by new, innovative products and processes driven by Green Innovation, including but not limited to Clean Air and Clean Water, and Life Innovation, including but not limited to increase comfort for society.

Domestically in India, and in concert with Government of India’s Make in India policy, Toray has established factories in Vapi, Gujarat and SriCity, Andhra Pradesh for sustainable development in the Indian Sub-continent focused on cutting-edge materials of Toray. Toray manufactures polypropylene spun-bond which is the raw-material for baby and adult diaper to promote Life Innovation; compounds engineered resins for automotive, electrical and consumer goods industries for product robustness and light weighting to promote Green Innovation; and fabric for automotive airbags for Society’s Safety. Toray’s footprint in the Indian sub-continent has expanded considerably in last decade; it is committed to strategic expansion in the present decade.

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