The Classic Dine-around, Gets Together at La Casa Del Tango

La Casa Del Tango's Culinary Revival

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

An exclusive line-up of classic goldies were gathered at the elegant La Casa del Tango at Gate Avenue in DIFC. Approximately 15 vehicles were exhibited in front of the venue’s terrace at 6 PM onwards. Adding to the vintage experience, participants were encouraged to dress the part, in line with La Casa del Tango’s nostalgic retro vibes, mirroring the joyfulness of the restaurant and its charismatic owner Enrique Macana.


Unique Classic Car Event at La Casa del Tango


A bespoke dinner was then executed by Chef Danilo Lekic, featuring the finest Argentinian cuisine, whilst the dancers of La Casa del Tango had introduced their brand new show, a more organic, interactive form of entertainment, an immersive experience into the world of Tango, both modern and truly anchored in the tradition of Buenos Aires.

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