Even Healthcare Makes Preventive Care Affordable; Provides Unlimited OPD to Customers

Even Healthcare Makes Preventive Care Affordable; Provides Unlimited OPD to Customers

Even Healthcare, a health-tech company and healthcare provider, under its ‘Even Plus’ and ‘Even Lite’ plans, offers its customers unlimited outpatient department (OPD) which includes doctor consultations and diagnostics. This initiative by Even is aimed at making preventive healthcare affordable by providing members with unlimited access to OPD services. 


Matilde Giglio, Co-founder, Even.in

India’s out of pocket medical expenses are among the highest in the world. A recent report by NITI Aayog noted that over half a billion Indians do not have adequate healthcare plans, coining them as ‘The Missing Middle Class’. Therefore, it is essential to provide accessible protection and health security to this segment of the population from exorbitantly high out of pocket medical expenses. Close to 60-70 percent of healthcare expenditure is borne out of pocket and a sizable chunk of it is made towards OPD treatments.


Even’s health plans are crafted to decrease customers’ out of pocket healthcare expenses and mitigate illnesses early on with appropriate medical intervention. With a zero-waiting period and zero co-payment, Even aims to promote quick and affordable preventive healthcare in India. In addition to unlimited doctor consultations, the company provides customers with unlimited lab and diagnostic tests, if prescribed by a partner doctor.


Matilde Giglio, Co-founder & CEO, Even Healthcare said, “The last two years have revealed the importance of preventive healthcare as one of the most efficient and effective ways to ensure one’s overall wellbeing. At Even Healthcare, our mission is to democratize affordable, preventive healthcare and raise awareness of illnesses that should be treated as early as possible. By offering unlimited OPD, we are able to urge customers to pay close attention to primary care to ensure they can live a healthier life, by minimizing chances of hospitalization.”


Even is a health-tech company that partners directly with top hospitals to provide completely cashless, paperless and quality healthcare to its members. Available at a nominal fee starting at Rs. 525/month, members can get unlimited doctor consultations and diagnostics, and upgrade to unlimited OPD plus a yearly hospitalization cover of Rs. 50 lakh.


About Even Healthcare

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Even is a health-tech company and healthcare provider that partners directly with the top hospitals in the country and offers unlimited diagnostics, consultations and INR 50 lakh worth of hospitalisation, all via one monthly subscription cost. The company was founded in January 2020 by Mayank Banerjee, Matilde Giglio and Alessandro Davide Ialongo. Even believes every Indian should have access to 360-degree high-quality healthcare that is affordable and easy to access.

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