Women at workplace Champion Kunal Chowdhry Invests in RushOwl


New Delhi, Delhi, India

Kunal Chowdhry, global investor and champion of safety and equal rights of women at the workplace, has invested in RushOwl, a Singapore-based HR Tech startup founded by Shin Ng. The app deploys a dynamic routing algorithm powered by Artificial Intelligence that can pool passengers into high-capacity EVs from their office to home and vice-versa. By downloading the RushTrail app on their phones, working women in Gurgaon can be ferried back and forth from their offices to their homes safely and affordably. The service, when implemented in masses, can also take more private cars off the road solving congestion and air pollution problems. 


The Delhi NCR region currently clocks a daily ridership of 22M. RushOwl will promote a deep-tech based public transportation service that works around the tenets of reliability, safety and responsibility to the passengers, the corporates as well as to the environment at large by helping reduce carbon emissions through shared rides. The mobile app will authenticate both the drivers and co-passengers to ensure an all-round safe commute service. RushOwl will also launch a women’s-only smart commute service that will also onboard female drivers, thereby providing job opportunities for women in Gurugram.


Kunal Chowdhry, Global Angel Investor and CEO, Apollo Singapore Investments Pte Ltd.


As an individual who has always championed women’s rights at the workplace, I am delighted to back RushOwl. As an investor, I am always on the lookout for that one idea that fulfils a need that serves many, and RushOwl does exactly that. It enables more women to join the workforce because their mobile app takes care of all the prime concerns of working women – safety, affordability and reliability. Services like RushOwl can help the economy spring back post the pandemic-related slump by ensuring that women match the numbers of the male workforce because their prime fear – their safety is taken care of,” said Kunal Chowdhry, Global Angel Investor and CEO, Apollo Singapore Investments Pte Ltd.


RushOwl will be partnering with companies in the Delhi NCR region that are looking to transport their women workforce home in a safe, affordable and environmentally-friendly manner using EVs – buses and shared cabs – that work around AI-consolidated routes. The service will be launched in Gurgaon followed by Noida. A shared ride with RushOwl costs between Rs. 30-60 per trip depending on the distance and with subscription, is even cheaper. As per research conducted by RushOwl, when compared to individual rides taken in a cab, a shared minibus rides reduces carbon emission by more than 30%.

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