Rassia-Ukraine War Update: Zelenskyy Adequate Country President


In the last two days, 100,000 people have been evacuated from seven cities, including the Kyiv suburbs, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In a nightly video message, Zelenskyy gave an update on Mariupol, saying the Russian invaders “have a clear order to hold Mariupol captive, to mock it, to repeatedly bomb and shell it.”

A big Russian convoy that had been stuck outside Kyiv since last week, supposedly owing to food and fuel shortages, appears to have dispersed, according to satellite pictures. The 64-kilometer vehicle, tank, and artillery line has been dismantled and redeployed.

On Friday morning, an Air India flight carrying students from Sumy in northeastern Ukraine landed in Delhi. India sent three flights to Sumy to transport 600 students: one for first, second, and third-year students, another for fourth and fifth-year students, and a third for individuals with pets, sixth-year students, and anyone else who might have been left behind. Another flight is scheduled to arrive in Delhi at 8.40 a.m.

Sergiy Korsunsky, Ukraine’s ambassador to Japan, stated on Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin might be willing to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine in the face of the country’s persistent resistance to the Russian invasion. “We will fight to the bitter end; we will not live in a Russia-run state.” In an interview with Reuters, Korsunsky stated. “There is no reason to suppose that he (Putin) can threaten us with overthrowing our government and embracing Russia after what they have done to us, as he believes. There’s no way. As a result, he has the option of using nuclear weapons.”

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