Rassia-Ukraine War Update: The Russian space agency fears that sanctions may force the International Space Station to crash.


Concerns mounted over the beleaguered southern port of Mariupol, where officials reported more than 1,500 people had been dead, as Russian forces crept closer to Kyiv Saturday and blasted residential neighbourhoods in other Ukrainian cities.Air raid sirens sounded Saturday in several cities, including the capital Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro and Kharkiv, according to Ukrainian media.

The International Space Station might be destroyed as a result of Western sanctions on Russia, according to the president of Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, who called for the sanctions to be rescinded on Saturday.Zelenskiy accused Russia of refusing to let civilians out of Mariupol, saying Ukraine would try again on Saturday to provide food and medicine to the beleaguered city. For more than a week, residents of Mariupol, a strategically vital city with a population of over 400,000 in peacetime, have been without power or water.

Sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine could cause the International Space Station to crash, according to Moscow.There have been reports of explosions and shelling in Kyiv, raising worries of a new Russian attempt to retake the Ukrainian capital. Outside the city, ‘heavy fighting’ is taking place.

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