Home Breaking News Norah Fateh: She Is too Hot to handle 🔥🔥

Norah Fateh: She Is too Hot to handle 🔥🔥

Norah Fateh: She Is too Hot to handle 🔥🔥

Nora Fatehi’s new song, “Dance Meri Rani,” in which she danced spectacularly. Nora and vocalist Guru Randhawa were filmed for the song. Nora’s song became extremely famous among teenagers, and the video received millions of views on YouTube. Nora Fatehi will soon be a judge on the show ‘Dance Deewane Junior,’ according to sources. Nora has previously judged the show ‘India’s Best Dancer’ when Malaika Arora became afflicted with Corona.


Nora Fatehi’s dance style has enthralled audiences. Aside from that, she’s still making headlines for her stylish sense.


She is constantly experimenting with her appearance in various styles of clothes. Nora has now donned a gown that makes it difficult for her to move.


Nora’s sexy look is causing trouble during the session. His hair has been left open by her. Her attractiveness is enhanced with designer earrings in the same colour as her high heels and ears. Nora’s video has gone viral on the internet. In the comments section, fans are complimenting her a lot.


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