Announces India’s First Community For Independent Filmmakers to Host, Ticket, Stream and Engage their Audiences

31 Announces India’s First Community For Independent Filmmakers to Host, Ticket, Stream and Engage their Audiences aims to provide creators & makers an easy-to-use platform for distribution and marketing of their content such as feature films, short films, shows, documentaries and plays to their communities, along with additional services like financial, legal, social and mentorship. With this, EventScape intends to build larger communities of fans & followers and get them to commit more time and share of wallet with curated content, personalized recommendations, and gamified engagements.


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While the pandemic accelerated the demand for content, it also generated formula-driven content with less intrinsic value, while advertising-supported content didn’t provide a real revenue stream to most creators & makers.


With a vision to be the market leader in the growing community economy, EventScape will empower creators & makers to become Direct-To-Community businesses. Indeed, the long-term trend is in line with EventScape’s strong growth prospects being projected in the media & entertainment and wellness & engagement markets. is an immersive platform for hand-picked & award-winning content for entertainment, engagement, wellness, and learning. Its community will help fans of films and theatre to connect with each other, share meaningful experiences, explore possibilities, learn, grow, and have fun along the way. With EventScape, there is no need to juggle between multiple disconnected systems. And it enables fans & followers to build a direct relationship with creators & makers who have complete control over their contacts, content, data & insights.


Arindam Chandra, Founder,, says, “We now live in a Community Economy. One of the greatest impacts of this shift will be on the entertainment industry because without a supportive community, commerce fails. We founded EventScape to give independent creators & makers a platform to host their content and get loved by their communities, especially Corporates & Institutions, to create a financially viable ecosystem.”


Aakash Prabhakar, Filmmaker, Actor and Head of Content at EventScape, says, “We are on a quest to find hidden gems around the world that you can’t really find on any other platform. We realize how a lot of OTT’s curations are formula-driven and their acquisition depends on a lot of factors, story and content being one of them. We are hunting for content driven films. That literally is the key driving factor for us at the moment. As an independent filmmaker, I realized that after you figure out your way of raising funds, putting your crew together and finally finishing your film, it really doesn’t just end there, in fact, it’s a bigger hustle from there on to put your film out. We are trying to make that hustle simpler.”


Batul Mukhtiar – National Award-Winning filmmaker, says, “For an independent filmmaker, the issue is always of distribution, exhibition, and monetization. A platform like EventScape that promotes good independent films, that appreciates the effort and passion of independent filmmakers and helps to build communities of creators and audiences is so welcome.”


With such a strong proposition, in a short period of time, EventScape has been able to attract award-winning filmmakers and their films, including internationally renowned filmmaker Sabiha Sumar whose film ‘Khamosh Pani’ starring Kirron Kher and Shilpa Shukla won the Golden Leopard award at Locarno.


A few other prominent films in EventScape’s library include:


  • Azmaish (starring Kalki Koechlin) – documentary by Sabiha Sumar

  • Mumu Shelley – feature by Batul Mukhtiar

  • Freddie’s Piano – feature by Aakash Prabhakar

  • A Dog and his Man – feature by Siddharth Tripathy

  • Thimiram – feature by Dr. KK Sudhakaran

  • Santhoshathinte Onnam Rahasyam – feature by Don Palathara

  • Across The Ocean – feature by Nicole Donadio and Uma Kumarapuram

  • Bilu Rakkhosh: A Demon Within – feature by Indrasis Acharya

  • Ek Betuke Aadmi Ki Afrah Raatein – feature by Sharad Raj

  • Sisters of the Trees – documentary by Camila Menendez and Lucas Penafort


About enables independent content creators & makers to host, ticket and stream on-demand movies, short films, shows, documentaries and plays, create experiences to engage their audience with live virtual events, convert viewers into true fans, build communities, transform their personal brand, and grow their business across customer segments – individuals, corporates, and institutions.


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