Home Breaking News Anupama Prakash broke all limits of bo*ldness

Anupama Prakash broke all limits of bo*ldness

Anupama Prakash broke all limits of bo*ldness

This web series was released in 2021, and there are so many hot and bo*ld moments in it that you won’t be allowed to witness in front of anyone.


It cannot happen if there is no bold scene where the name of the web series is written. There are a slew of online series that push the boundaries of boldness. Fake Kaka is a webseries that is one of them.


Anupama Prakash has broken all boundaries of boldness in the fake Kaka web series. She has given so many hot and bold scenes that she has broken all boundaries.


When the trailer for this web series was released, it received a lot of attention and was well-received. In this online series, Anupama Prakash plays the lead role.


This web series contains so many bold and steamy moments that the viewers will be sweating. Anupama Prakash has offered a lot of bold moments in this web series.


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