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FanAnywhere Announces Partnerships with Renowned Names in the Indian Entertainment Industry for NFT Releases

FanAnywhere Raises Seed Funding; Emerges from Stealth Mode to Open Gateways to Metaverses for Celebrities

As a platform that enables fans to get closer to their favorite artists and celebrities from the world of entertainment and sports, FanAnywhere has announced an exclusive contract with notable names from the Indian Entertainment Industry.


Krishna Beuraa


Leading the pack is the versatile singing sensation Shibani Kashyap of the ‘Sajna aa bhi jaa’ and ‘Zinda hoon main’ fame. Other notable names such as actor Hiten Tejwani, singers Prateek Gandhi and Krishna Beuraa are also launching their NFTs exclusively on FanAnywhere’s platform. With the vision to democratize and decentralize growth opportunities for all artists, this platform offers everyone a level playing field to monetize their talent and earn recognition instead of the centralized system which favors a select few with celebrated family names. FanAnywhere is also in the process of joining hands with some leading sports industry veterans and clubs globally.


Shibani Kashyap


A market that is growing rapidly

NFTs are at the forefront of fuelling a global ownership economy that is slowly but steadily transitioning to a metaverse of avatars fashioning intangible assets with utility. So far, the NFT asset market is only a tiny fraction of the physical asset market but can overtake the latter soon.


As of 2020, NFTs accounted for approximately USD 338 million in transactional volume, with the combined sales topping USD 2.5 billion in the first half of 2021 only. And in Q3 alone, the NFT market generated a revenue of a whopping USD 10.7 billion. Just the global collectible market comprising physical trading cards, games, toys, cars, and more is a USD 370 billion market. Following that, the global NFT market expects a 1,000-fold growth over the next 10+ years.


A Platform Built for Fans

With a vision to monetize artists’ popularity and pass on the benefits to its contributors, FanAnywhere is a social blockchain-based fraternity, bridging the emotional bridge between popular entities and their fans. It offers a platform for artists to launch personalized fan-tokens and dedicated NFTs having a utility to fans rather than mere ownership. It also enables artists and brands to put a monetary tag on their brand value and earn lifetime royalty. In addition to rewards, FanAnywhere offers perks like premium access to the artists’ inner circles, and wealth appreciation as an artist grows in stature. These benefits drive all fans to participate and reap benefits from their artists’ tokens and NFTs.


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For more information on Fan Anywhere, please visit their website fananywhere.com.


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