IFB Partners with Xeros Technologies to Bring Energy and Water Efficient Washing Machines for a Sustainable Future


Ushering in a laundry revolution, IFB Home Appliances has partnered with Xeros Technologies to introduce Xeros-enabled washing machines that save up to 70% of energy, 50% water, and 50% detergent consumption. The projected Sales volume of this new product category is 200 Nos Per Annum. IFB and Xeros are expecting a 50% increase in this category of 30 kg & 60 kg Washer-Extractor Category with the addition of this innovative product lineup. Also expecting a good response from 4 and 5-star property hotels, Railway laundry,  Premium category Hospital chains, Premium Laundromats, Special application in the industrial segment like Automotive industry, Fire brigade/NDRF who use a special type of Uniforms.

IFB Xeros Washing Machines

“Little attention has been paid to the damage caused by washing garments and textiles that poses a huge environmental challenge. Reports suggest that by 2030, India’s water demand is projected to be twice the available supply and taps in major cities are expected to run dry. Our latest offering is a result of our commitment towards sustainability and is aligned with our vision of enabling a healthy planet with the help of state-of-the-art technology. It not only gives better return on investments to our customers but also engages them in our efforts towards a more sustainable planet,” said the IFB spokesperson.

Powered with the mechanical action of XOrbsTM, the gentle cleaning action of the machine attracts, absorbs and removes stubborn stains, making clothes and fabrics for a longer time, lasts for minimum 1000 cycles, and is reusable and recyclable. Perfectly designed to be environment friendly, the machines are gentle on laundry,  lower energy cost and water usage, improve linen replacement rates,  save time, reduce temperature and detergent use. The technology efficiently reduces carbon and effluent emissions, whilst enabling an economic contribution to the customers.

“Washing of clothes puts immense stress on the environment and very few are aware of this. This is our sincere effort towards a sustainable future to avoid the breaking point. It is imperative that we make efforts in delivering solutions that consume less and save more. A Xeros technology enabled machine uses significantly less water, detergent and energy compared to a conventional washing system. The more you use it, the more money you will save,” said Mr. Mike Ferrand, Managing Director, Commercial Products, Xeros Technologies.

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