Bridge Medical GPO Launches E-Procurement Platform by JAGGAER at Arab Health


  • The new platform will allow members to procure all their consumable and medical device requirements at best-in-market prices

  • Bridge Medical GPO is one of the first Group Purchasing Organisations to enter the private healthcare space in the UAE

  • JAGGAER will provide a powerful software platform designed to automate routine processes with the help of machine learning


The launch of Bridge Medical GPO’s e-Procurement platform has been officially announced at Arab Health 2022. The powerful software platform was developed by JAGGAER, the supply management technology provider behind the Dubai Government’s procurement portal eSupply.

L-R: Hany Mosbeh, Vice President of Sales Middle East & Africa, JAGGAER and James Counts, President and CEO of Bridge Medical GPO


The Bridge Medical GPO e-Procurement, contracting and spend analytics software modules will allow Healthcare providers in the UAE to embrace the world’s best and leading procurement and supply chain management practices.


James Counts, President and CEO of Bridge Medical GPO, said, “I am pleased to announce our launch into the UAE market. We have a proven and successful business model that delivers immense operating efficiencies and value for our members.”


Speed to value is what we promise, and the world’s best and leading practices is what we deliver. Our e-Procurement and software platforms deliver state-of-the-art procure to pay, analytics, contract management and reporting, to assist in better supply chain management and data-driven decision making.”


Bridge Medical GPO is one of the first Healthcare Group Purchasing Organisations (GPO) to launch in the UAE. The company optimises procurement practices and reduces supply chain costs for healthcare providers, including hospitals, medical centres, medical and dental clinics, and laboratories through membership services.


The company has now outlined a plan which will focus on delivering performance optimisation across the entire UAE healthcare sector. This will include implementing best and leading practices, procurement processes, and optimising supply chains to bring increased commercial benefits to healthcare organisations, vendors, and all providers in the region.


Darren Martin, Director of Commercial and Group Operations, said, “We are very proud to announce our launch into the Middle East market. Our software and processes will improve operating efficiencies for healthcare providers and vendors alike.”


We are certainly not here to replace or compete with vendors and suppliers; we are here to drive industry-wide efficiencies that deliver improved profitability for all stakeholders. We have developed powerful analytical software that will be referred to as disruptive technology in UAE Healthcare for years to come. We refer to ourselves as Powerful Procurement Partners for a reason!


Bridge Medical GPO has over 100 years of collective experience in procurement and supply chain management. The company is focused on delivering performance optimisation in the supply chain and procurement for healthcare providers and vendors in the UAE. This is done by providing performance optimisation software whereby the final product was built by healthcare supply chain professionals for healthcare supply chain professionals.


Hany Mosbeh, Vice President of Sales Middle East & Africa, JAGGAER, said, “JAGGAER is committed to modernising and transforming the procurement capabilities of companies in the UAE, the wider Middle East region and globally.”


Our SaaS-based source-to-pay solution, which automates routine processes with the help of machine learning, supports procurement teams to deliver greater value in both the short and long term – this will be crucial for the healthcare sector as the industry targets cost reductions while maintaining high service levels.”


The Bridge Medical GPO stand can be found on the Main Concourse at Booth CC55.

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