Benefit from High FD Rates and Deposit Safety with Bajaj Finance FD

Get the Benefit of High FD Rates and Safety with a Fixed Deposit from Bajaj Finance

Many turn to investing their money to amass wealth and become financially sound. This is a smart approach considering that it supplements one’s income and often requires little to no intervention from the investor’s end. Moreover, stable investment vehicles are also available in the market, making the entire experience much more valuable. One great example here is the fixed deposit, a trusted instrument for the Indian investor. Unlike other options, FDs offer secured returns and have served as the go-to option for all types of investors.


Benefit from high FD rates and deposit safety with Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit


A bank FD is no longer the only reliable choice that necessarily offers investors the best returns. Today, company FDs like the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers investors high FD rates along with a suite of other added benefits. Individuals planning their financial goals for this New Year can invest in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit by aligning their investments with their goals.


Read on to know more about the factors that make Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit a safe financial tool for steady gains.


FD interest rates are safe from market volatility

When investing money, one must gauge an instrument’s risk quotient first. This is usually based on whether or not the potential earnings are linked to market performance, economic climate, company profits, or myriad other factors. Naturally, the more dependent the instrument is on these factors, the more volatile it is. This is the case with stocks, options, and mutual funds. However, in the case of the FD, the rate at which investors earn interest isn’t linked with such factors.


Whatever the rate was when one booked the FD, the principal will continue to accrue interest at that rate for the stipulated tenor. This benefit is significant if the goal is to build wealth in uncertain market conditions. This way, even if the market continues to experience a downturn, the investment isn’t affected.


Highest safety and credibility ratings

To assess the safety of a company FD, one must check the ratings credit rating agencies have assigned it. These ratings are assigned based on the FD issuers:


  • Track record

  • FD maturity profile

  • Debt repayment history

  • Liquidity profile

  • Management team


For instance, CRISIL’s ratings for company FDs range from NM to FAAA, each depicting the risk of the FD. Here is a breakdown of CRISIL’s ratings.


  • NM: Not meaningful

  • FC: High Risk

  • FD: Default

  • FB: Low safety

  • FA: Adequate safety

  • FAA: High safety

  • FAAA: Highest safety


Like these, other agencies have their ratings, and one should check these before investing.


Bajaj Finance FD is accredited with the highest stability rating of FAAA and MAAA from CRISIL and ICRA, ensuring that one’s savings are in a safe investment environment, irrespective of ongoing market risks.


Interest earnings are higher than other safe instruments

Besides the FD, there are other low-risk instruments, but these may fail to earn any significant profits. Options like government bonds or treasury bonds fall into this category. Bajaj Finance offers one of the highest FD interest rates, up to 6.80%. Senior citizens get an additional rate benefit of up to 0.25% on their deposits.


To help understand this better, here are the potential earnings one can expect from a 3-year and a 5-year FD with Bajaj Finance as a citizen aged below 60.


Deposit amount


Interest earnings

Total earnings

Rs. 3 lakh

36 months



Rs. 3 lakh

60 months




As the table suggests, one can enjoy high FD rates with Bajaj Finance online FD along with a suite of other benefits. Investors looking to fund recurring expenses can also choose to avail of the option of earning periodic payouts from the same amount and tenor by investing in a non-cumulative FD. They can select the option of receiving payouts monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually.


Armed with this information, investors looking to build a corpus can now consider investing in a Bajaj Finance online FD to lock in attractive FD interest rates and benefit from a suite of other features.

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