TutorBin is Transforming Education by Making it more Personal

TutorBin is Transforming Education by Making it more Personal

The global market for EdTech is likely to cross USD 400 billion by 2025 as per HolonIQ. The pandemic has accelerated the growth and adoption of EdTech with online homework solutions seeing immense growth. The market leader in the segment is TutorBin, which was founded by Ankit Gahlawat along with Parveen Lather and Vishal Kumar. It has a product portfolio across social enterprises, cloud accounting, e-learning, content intelligence, analytics and social networking domains.

We are driven by the global impact achieved through international outlook of our products that foster and nimble the agility required behind doing businesses these days,” says Ankit.

With offices in US and India, when Ankit started TutorBin, he realised the importance of merging education with technology to provide its end users with the best help, as quickly as possible. He decided to aid and enhance the level of Education in a productive platform, which will help students and universities to use the predictive and planned elements within their products. They wanted to let their users utilise every area of education using the best technology.

Entrepreneurship can be a change agent in business and academics. TutorBin helps students with an entrepreneurial spirit in the science, engineering, arts, thesis and other areas of study specialties develop the knowledge and connect with mentors who can help them become more skilled in their academic tasks. In just four years, TutorBin has become an integral part of the student experience and key to strategic direction,” said TutorBin Managing Director Ankit Gahlawat.

Private Tutoring can really help. Education has been essentially designed to be a one-to-many solution. No two individuals are the same. In fact, many people learn differently. There are some who are excellent at self-learning. There are some who need hand-holding.

Ankit adds, “Private tutoring requires tutors to adjust according to the learning needs and preferences of individuals. There are many tutors who are excellent at understanding their students and tailor their sessions according to them. Once they engage the students to help apply the knowledge on their own, they start seeing success. Our job is to keep them interested and help them understand the concepts. They will keep getting better with each passing day.

There are many reasons that people struggle in their studies and benefit from private tutoring. There are plenty of foreign students who would perhaps struggle with the language and rigor of learning. The schooling system across the states is also very different and many students struggle when they start in the universities. I personally don’t find the schooling system to be as challenging as the university system. Hence, the drop-out rates are significant in university students. Some students also need support during their schooling.

No human likes falling behind others. When they are unable to cope-up, they may also lose confidence and lag behind even more. As per my experience, most students are able to build acumen to cope up and be more regular in their studies, there are some students who need more support than the others.

Private tutoring works very well. In fact, it works so well that I have been able to make a good business out of it. TutorBin started as a small initiative to help students that were falling behind others. Now we have a roster of thousands of teachers that are helping students with their private tuitions and homework. In almost 100% of the cases, we have seen a significant increase in the grade of the students.

Creating TutorBin

Ankit Gahlawat, Vishal and Parveen have known each other for over nine years now. Impressed by the fact that Ankit was one of the early adapters of the Internet in India, the founders decided to work more closely with each other to bring a revolution in the education sector with the best technological use. Thus, when they decided to launch TutorBin in India in 2017.

About TutorBin

TutorBin is a global online homework help provider. It basically deals with assisting Students in completing the assignments with the help of expert guidance. TutorBin has over 45,000+ expert tutors, connected globally. It aims to provide the best academic support and solve problems quickly in real-time and make sure the student never misses his deadline. Being a 4 years old company, it has enhanced its expertise in Engineering, Maths, Science, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Lab Reports, Essay Writing, and other areas of support needed by the students.

More details about TutorBin are at www.tutorbin.com.


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