Punjab’s Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre Achieves 2000+ Successful IVF Pregnancies Milestone

Punjab’s Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre Achieves 2000+ Successful IVF Pregnancies Milestone

Reproductive science history goes back to the year 1978 when the first healthy ‘test tube baby’ named Louise Brown was born. Since then, the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology has gotten a lot better and improved. No doubt every year a new achievement is made by the Indians which we all are proud of. Dr. Sumita Sofat has set another milepost in her medical expertise of 25 years. In 2021, she completed the count of +2000 healthy & successful IVF pregnancies in Punjab.


Dr. Sumita Sofat – Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre 


Progressing and getting better every year

Leading IVF centre, mindset is to help every childless couple around the globe and make them educated about ‘Infertility’. We are living in the 21st century if we don’t normalize the talk about infertility ‘Now’ then when will we do that? It’s important to share experience so that others get to learn something from it and understand what they have to do next.


Dr. Sumita Sofat – Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre 


With infertility treatment, it is important that the patient’s condition is diagnosed and then only further steps are taken. Talking about the advancement in reproductive medicine combined with the skills of skifull fertility specialists everything just gets better. Especially, talking about the last four decades, IVF treatment has been the leading choice among married couples. The decision of choosing this treatment is pretty evident from the fact couples wish to focus on their career first.


The country is really advancing and hearing about the achievements of the Indian fertility doctors like ‘Reached a New Milestone: +2000 Successful IVF Pregnancies’ or bringing new-fangled technology to India can really prove the same. Reading this piece of information is a great relief in itself when the infertility rate is booming at a fast pace around the globe. The renowned IVF centre in Punjab has helped countless patients to take their healthy baby home. It shows that the untiring efforts and knowledge of the board-certified infertile doctors are the major reason, infertile couples from all over the globe visit India on the medical visa to seek the treatment.


Economical infertility treatment cost

Transparency and clarity of information on every step of the treatment journey. The fertility expert makes sure that all the patients get information about the minutest details for the IVF treatment. Most patients are worried about the IVF cost. During the initial consultation, the patients are informed about the approach to be used i.e. customized treatment plan. It is imperative to make them feel safe and secure. In simple terms, the patient only needs to pay for that much amount to what problem they have. It does not make sense to compare IVF cost with others. No 2 patients are experiencing the same situation, then ‘How is it possible the total treatment cost will be the same?’ Even if the problem is the same, every person’s body reacts differently to a certain medication or treatment.


Strive to increase the success rate of infertility treatment

The updated and inventive technologies brought to the IVF centre are the reason that patients can conceive successfully. The highest possible success rate is possible because the clinics follow major aspects like quality control, improved reproductive technology, edge-cutting procedures like IVF, ICSI, TESA, and assisted laser hatching method.


The world changes at a fast pace, so do we have to. Upholding the medical standards and understanding the latest technology is needed at a time when the infertility rate is increasing. It’s all about helping & continuing to give psychological, mental, and physical support by coming up with the latest advancement in infertility.


The ideal infertility specialist and Gynaecologist ensures to inform everyone out there on which further step to take. Continuously the efforts are made to spread to the world that, ‘Let’s talk about infertility’ and if someone is struggling through it, there is no need to put pressure on them.


From time to time, we can see the leading infertility doctor coming online & sharing their views. The shared insightful information with individuals is what gives them hope to better plan for IVF journey without any stress. Everyone should try at the right age, keep their fertile period on track, prepare their body & mind, eat a balanced diet, and get immediate medical attention.


Advanced Treatment plan

Bringing a new wave of technology is not easy, and it’s important to be different and better. There is nothing that can stop the renowned infertility doctor from giving their patients first-class results and plans for a safe & smooth pregnancy journey. Premium quality & better results, that is what is focused upon every time and with each passing year. Just name the treatment, and it can easily find it at the IVF clinic in Punjab. Add some more advanced technologies like Vitrification of Eggs and Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA).


Here is a glimpse of how IVF centres performed in 2021 to help the patients to conceive successfully. Around 55% success rate with IVF, 60% for IUI & ICSI, and 60% Egg & Embryo Donation. Following the international standards and updated practices, the hospital has helped the patients to have their healthy baby home.


Begin at Right Time – Journey of infertility

It always seems impossible until it’s done. Start the infertility journey every day with courage and hope. The board-certified and experienced IVF doctor will be the guardian angel in this journey as they will be ‘Giving the gift of parenthood’.

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