KGS Microsystems LLP Acquired by Government Advisory Firm Sapio Analytics

KGS Microsystems LLP Acquired by Government Advisory Firm Sapio Analytics

Sapio Analytics, an artificially intelligent support system for governments and citizens, and KGS Microsystems LLP, a leader in the archival digitization industry, have entered into an agreement of commitment for acquisition of KGS Microsystems LLP, at an undisclosed sum.  

Arun Vaz, Ashwin Srivastava, Kishor Gulgule, and A Parvez Banatwala

This agreement makes Sapio Analytics India’s largest smart digitization company, with clients spanning libraries, agencies, heritage sites and more.

Founded by Kishor Gulgule, a veteran imaging professional, and A Parvez Banatwala, a technology entrepreneur, KGS Microsystems LLP has active contracts worth around 1 million USD and a pipeline of around 20 million USD. It is currently in the process of digitizing hundreds of millions of images and records. Banatwala shall lead the smart digitization practice of the group. 

“The anonymized intelligence driven out of the digitization by KGS Microsystems LLP, and its deep trust-based access to various clients in law enforcement, publications, heritage libraries, defense and PSUs, shall help Sapio significantly multiply its value. Our A.I. is powered by intelligence from the voice of millions of citizens, and more than a dozen world leaders and domain experts. Now, with KGS Microsystems LLP, invaluable intelligence from the analogue world shall also power our A.I. government systems,” says Hardik Somani, Director and COO of Sapio Analytics.

Sapio expects to use this acquisition to power its heritage restoration division, law enforcement and intelligence division, smart healthcare division, and its other divisions for improving the state of economy of nations.

“There are billions of records in India alone that have not been digitized yet. We are saying that the future digitization of these records shall not just be about conversion from analog to digital, but shall also be about digital to intelligence, making us the only player with excellence in high end digitization technologies and new age artificially intelligent machine learning smartness. KGS Microsystems LLP has expertise in ‘analog to digital’ and Sapio has been leading ‘intelligence in digital’ for governments. Together, we become an undisputed market leader in smart and intelligent digitization,” adds Somani.

The Library, Heritage & Archives digitization market is growing at 13.5% CAGR globally. Having worked on more than 25 million records, KGS Microsystems LLP now hopes to become the choice of digitization across the developing world with this acquisition.

Sapio Analytics works directly with citizens and generates revenue through a share of increase in revenue and GDP for governments and nations. Currently headquartered in Mumbai, and with subsidiary office in Palo Alto, it also works closely with the nations of Zimbabwe, Eswatini, New Zealand, Korea, Guyana, among others.

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