Salman Khan lashes out on Afsana Khan

Salman Khan lashes out on Afsana Khan
Salman Khan lashes out on Afsana Khan

At some point tonight, Salman will take his vengeance on Afsana Khan for her vicious behaviour toward everyone in the house. The first thing Salman does is go over everything Shamita Shetty has said about her. Salman mocks Afsana when she tries to explain herself. Salman asks Afsana if she’ll do anything under the pretence of being upset when she says she was.

A pattern is then revealed in the show by the Tiger 3 actor and everyone cheers since it finally brings the truth to light. Jay Bhanushali and Shamita Shetty round out the cast. Afsana tries to persuade others with her logic that she has always treated everyone with respect.

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In addition, Akasa notes that Afsana believes she is always right. Her name is egiost, and she is known as such by Simba Nagpal. Salman inquires as to whether or whether she exhibits the same behaviour when she is at home. He informs her that the type of content she is providing on the show is not what they are looking for.

According to reports, Salman is planning to make a decision that would leave Afsana in tears.


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