Good news First India News goes digital


There is some good news for Rajasthan residents: the state’s leading regional news channel, First India News, has gone digital.
The highly reputable news broadcaster has a reputation for bringing trusted sources original news information from all parts of the state and nation.

For many years, First India News Channel, reflecting the dynamic, progressive state of Rajasthan, has been hailed as the printed voice of the state’s people. First India News, well-known for its tradition of being the first to break and lead the news in the entire regional media, lives up to its tagline, “‘Sabse Aage, Sabse Pahle.’ The news channel has made a significant foray into Indian electronic journalism.

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With an eye on next-generation online news readers, the media company hopes to capitalise on the tremendous growth of the emerging digital journalism landscape. Maintaining the vision of its traditional journalistic environment, First News’ digital platform also features engaging, dependable material and real-time news and commentary.

First India’s digital unit has scaled unprecedented heights. It has fulfilled its obligation to provide accurate and credible information to the public via the Digital platform. With millions of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in a short period of time, First India has dominated the internet and left a lasting impression on its audience, which spans a startling demographic range.

The credit for First India News’ continued popularity in its regional avatar goes to turnaround artist JAGDEESH CHANDRA (ex-CEO Zee network). FIRST INDIA NEWS, which was started in India in 2013 with world-class technology, reached new heights under Chandra’s leadership in April 2018 in Rajasthan.

Chandra, CMD, recalls warmly, “When I took over, the channel was a tiny five-year-old infant and was almost non-existent in the segment. The goal was to distinguish it from other highly competitive state and national television stations. At the moment, we are operating Rajasthan’s No. 1 news channel (regional news channel – Tata Sky 1182, Airtel 361) and a daily English newspaper from Jaipur called ‘First India,’ which has four editions: New Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Ahmedabad.”

The internet site of First India News is updated daily with live television, breaking news, the newest news, and current stories from across the country, with a special emphasis on Rajasthan. The trustworthy news platform provides a completely immersive digital news experience. There is unbiased journalism in all categories, including politics, business, sports, Bollywood, science, technology, art, literature, and the environment.

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Additionally, under its Editorials & Opinion area, readers may access professional commentary and news analysis. The revamped “First India” features an intuitive user interface. Additionally, one can customise notification settings for the latest news.

“The team’s dedication and grit, along with a diverse spectrum of material on regional, domestic, and international topics with accessible analysis and commentary, has benefited the news channel on both print and digital platforms,” adds Shishir Awasthi, head of the FIRST INDIA NEWS digital team.

Additionally, the exclusive news channel First India News is free. As one of the most trusted news brands, it seeks to provide people with free online access to the LIVE news channel. Users can stay up to date on the day’s top stories via the site’s numerous presentation modalities, which include live broadcasts, multimedia, newsletters, and documentaries.


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