Cryptocurrency price today

Bitcoin price today
Bitcoin price today

Prices of cryptocurrencies were varied today, with Bitcoin trading above the $55,000 level. The most popular and largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization increased by more than 1% to $55,584. Bitcoin has gained 15% over the last seven days.

Various other cryptocurrencies have had a choppy 24-hour period. Ether, the second largest cryptocurrency and the unit associated with the ethereum network, fell 1% to $3,462. Cardano prices fell slightly to $2.22, while dogecoin prices fell 4% to $0.23. XRP, Shiba Inu, and Uniswap all increased in value during the last 24 hours, while Litecoin and Uniswap declined.

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Menon continued, “Over the last week, altcoins have stayed bullish.” Stacks (STX), a technology that integrates Smart Contracts with Bitcoin, is currently in high demand. “STX is risen over 60% in a single day following the meteoric rise of Bitcoin NFT. STX is predicted to pass ATH shortly before the end of the year. Meanwhile, Ethereum has yet to see a bull run on a par with BTC.”

China’s regulators outlawed cryptocurrency trading and mining earlier this year, with the country’s central bank vowing last month to eradicate ‘illegal’ cryptocurrency activity.


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