Bigg Boss 15: Simba Nagpal taunts Umar Riaz saying ‘Tu Apne Bhai Jaisa Nahi Ban Payega’

Simba Nagpal BigBoss 15
Simba Nagpal BigBoss 15

Yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 15 was jam-packed with excitement and suspense. The junglewasis had a mission to complete. Bigg Boss gave all the junglewasis a chance to win a task and join Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty, and Nishant Bhat in the main house by giving them a golden opportunity.

The junglewasis had been separated into groups for the purposes of organisation. Vishal, Tejasswi, Jay, and Akasa are members of the Tigers’ team.

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In addition to Simba, the deer team also comprises Ieshaan, Afsana, and Donal. Karan, Umar, Miesha, and Vidhi are some of the members of the plant team. Vishal found a different way into the house during the mission.

As the sanchalak, Vishal went to Shamita with his idea. He successfully persuades her that having him and his staff in the house is in her best interest. Shamita encourages him and provides him with additional sugarcanes to help him succeed.

As a result of his team receiving less sugarcanes, Umar started stealing sugarcane from other people. He gives his all for his team, yet some are on the other side. Both Karan and Umar give it their all in the hopes of coming out on top. Team Tiger, on the other hand, prevails in the opening round. Tiger and Deer form an alliance to eliminate Umar’s team before the second round. Umar, on the other hand, continues to play and ruins the game for team Deer. He and Simba get into a fight while doing this task.

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While they’re arguing, Simba starts calling Umar Riaz ‘Fhattu Riaz,’ a slur. A little later, he tells Umar that trying to be like his younger brother will only make things worse for him. Simba mocks Asim, calling him a ‘fhattu,’ and claiming that the other sibling is the one who is gaining hearts.

Simba tells Umar over and over again that he will never be as successful as his older brother, Asim Riaz. As a result, we considered polling fans to find out if they thought Simba Nagpal’s remark about Umar Riaz, “Tu Apne Bhai Jaisa Nahi Ban Payega,” was appropriate or not.


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