Taliban will bring back ‘Virtue and Vice’


The Taliban has reinstated Afghanistan’s ‘Ministry of Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice,’ which was abolished during the country’s US-led military occupation.

Its return put many Afghans into a collective shudder, as they knew it for its severe interpretation of Islamic law, according to the New York Post.

“The primary objective is to serve Islam. As a result, the Ministry of Vice and Virtue is required “Mohammad Yousuf, Afghanistan’s central zone commander, stated.

“We will punish in accordance with Islamic law. We shall punish in accordance with Islam’s dictates. Islam has its own set of regulations for big sins. For instance, there are distinct rules regarding murder. If you do it deliberately, if you know the person and kill them, you will be killed in return. If the offence was not intentional, another sanction, such as payment of a specified amount of money, may apply. If a theft occurs, the hand will be severed. If unlawful intercourse occurs, violators shall be stoned “he continued.

“We simply desire a peaceful country governed by Islamic laws and norms. Our sole wishes are for peace and Islamic law “he continued.

During the Taliban’s final era, from 1996 to 2001, women were required to wear burqas and were not permitted to leave the house without the presence of a male guardian. Prayer times were imposed harshly, and males were compelled to grow beards. According to the New York Post, moral police were established on every street to punish violators with draconian punishments such as whipping, amputation, and public executions.

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Signs of such instances have begun to reappear on Kabul’s streets.

Afghan women protesting against Afghanistan’s new all-male temporary government in Kabul on Wednesday were chased away by the Taliban.

According to CNN, the Taliban used whips and sticks against protesters during the latest crackdown on dissent in Afghanistan. CNN got video and photographs of the women chanting, “Long live the women of Afghanistan.”

Some carried signs that read, “No government can deny women’s presence” and “I will chant freedom again and over.” According to witnesses, the Taliban also assaulted journalists covering the demonstration.

“We have assembled here to oppose the administration’s recent pronouncement that there will be no female representation in this government,” one woman stated at Wednesday’s rally.

According to her, a number of the demonstrators were “They beat us with whips and urged us to return to our houses and acknowledge and embrace the Emirate. Why should we accept the Emirate when we have been denied inclusion and rights?”


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