Swadesi launches its E-commerce Webstore and App

Swadesi launches its E-commerce Webstore and App
Swadesi launches its E-commerce Webstore and App

At a time when many people are sceptical about the benefits of shopping exclusively Indian, Swadesi provides renewed clarity through a platform that offers a vast evolving range of homegrown products manufactured using internationally-aligned practises and global standards, all available at the click of a button.

Taking inspiration from India’s historic and monumental self-sufficiency history, as well as the relevance of the #Aatmanirbhar Bharat Initiative in the current economic climate, Swadesi brings much-needed attention to the Indian market and raises awareness about the importance of local self-sufficiency. With India’s infrastructure, knowledge, and technology now on par with leading nations, Swadesi moves forward with the goal of consolidating and adhering to the conventional norms applicable to the Indian market, while also uniting the various products from various categories.

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Swadesi is defined as a “business that helps foster local brands, sellers, and our country’s renowned manufacturing prowess by making life even easier for Indian customers” by a mighty vision, led by a powerful team of experienced entrepreneurs – Madhav Dhir and Srishti Dhir. They state that “by combining basic internet access with the power of e-commerce, these brands and small businesses will receive the support they require to thrive.” Swadesi’s mission is to become one of the most comprehensive Indian marketplaces on the Internet, promoting painstakingly nurtured, indigenous Indian brands that wish to expand their reach into more Indian homes and eventually across the globe.

Swadesi is a 100 percent Indian-owned company that sells only domestic products. It is committed to creating jobs across sectors, supporting all types of local businesses, and contributing to the growth of the Indian economy. Swadesi intends to compete with international e-commerce and imported brands by gradually growing to be the largest online retailer of Indian goods and services.

Swadesi’s core focus is to ensure an easy shopping experience for everyone by offering one of the largest ranges of SKUs in an Indian e-commerce store. A robust yet simple-to-use search engine integrated into the web store and app enables customers to locate products in a matter of clicks, without ever leaving the comfort of their own spaces.

According to Swadesi’s founders, Madhav Dhir and Sristhi Dhir, “Swadesi aims to fill a void in the market for Indian products manufactured locally by Indian companies.” The company’s vision is to provide an alternative marketplace aggregator for discerning and progressive customers interested in boosting Indian businesses and, as a result, the Indian economy.

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However, value is a two-way street, and listing with Swadesi will provide long-term benefits, preferential margins, and access to a larger network of customers who value your product, with the added benefit of supporting independent brands and small businesses.”

Swadesi is encouraging more Indian brands to register as vendor partners and become a part of Swadesi’s constantly growing ecosystem of brands that reflect India’s globally relevant products made with love. www.swadesi.co/vendor/User.

It is truly time to grow and flourish with everything Indian and to provide the necessary support to indigenous products in order to bring this vision to life. Visit www.swadesi.co or download the app to finally bid farewell to Videsi and purchase Swadesi with the hashtag #ByeVidesiBuySwadesi.

source: ANI/NewsVoir


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