Justin Trudeau will win the Canadian Election: Reports were already in favour

Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau

CBC News forecast that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals would win the Canadian election, but with results still coming in, the network claimed it was too early to predict how strong a government they would establish.

Trudeau is the leader of a minority government in the House of Commons that relies on the assistance of other parties to enact legislation. He called a two-year-earlier election in the expectation of gaining a parliamentary majority.

“I believe the public would be pleasantly surprised if there were a Liberal majority government within the Liberal camp, but I believe it is far too early to make that call,” Gerald Butts, a former top Trudeau adviser and close friend, told CBC TV.

Elections Canada reported that the Liberals were in the lead in 146 electoral districts with only a tiny percentage of votes tabulated.

The House of Commons has 338 members, and a party must win 170 seats to secure a majority.

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Polls reported results significantly more slowly than usual, with several stations compelled to restrict occupancy to comply with COVID-19 requirements. In southern Ontario, a vital battleground, long queues prompted some voters to wait hours to vote.

The Liberals were ahead in 113 of Ontario’s 113 parliamentary seats and Quebec’s 199, accounting for more than half of the national total.

Liberals led in 23 of 32 parliamentary districts throughout the four Atlantic provinces in the first round of regional results. Prior to the election, the Liberals held 27 seats.

Erin O’Toole’s opposition Conservatives had been concentrating their efforts on expanding their four Atlantic seats, where they were ahead in nine.

As early results came in, the Canadian currency rose, climbing 0.4 percent.

A delay in tallying mail-in ballots could further delay the outcome of close races.

Elections Canada will begin counting approximately 800,000 mail-in ballots on Tuesday, after comparing them to in-person votes. These factors could play a role in determining the outcome in at least two Atlantic provinces and numerous more across Canada.


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