Vinata Aeromobility all set to launch Asia’s first Hybrid Flying Car

Vinata Aeromobility all set to launch Asia's first Hybrid Flying Car
Vinata Aeromobility all set to launch Asia's first Hybrid Flying Car

Vinata Aeromobility Powered by a Hybrid Both the flying car and air cargo are scheduled for launch on October 5th at the world’s largest Helitech Exhibition in Excel London.

Vinata marks its 75th anniversary of independence with the launch of Asia’s first hybrid flying car teaser video:

Vinata achieved this critical milestone by raising seed capital from angel investor Mohan Paroha. Paroha Developers, Paroha Technologies, and Paroha Reality are all founded by him. He has 27 years of diverse experience in India and Europe in management, information technology, real estate, and other businesses.

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He is currently developing a fintech company, an augmented reality-based tryon app, and providing support to numerous startups, as well as urban air mobility infrastructure development.

Mohan Paroha, who shares his dream of flying cars, has joined Vinata Aeromobility as a Cofounder to support the project.

The good news is that Vinata Aeromobility’s unveiling of a hybrid-powered flying car with a luxurious feel and aerodynamic design will have a positive impact on the transportation industry’s future.

Vinata Aeromobility is on track to compete in the Global race by 2023 with this project. The primary objective is to generate user excitement with the goal of bringing the future to everyone and promoting sustainable development in the aviation industry.

According to Yohg CAS Iyer, founder and CEO of Vinata Aeromobility, “Urban air mobility is classified into two types: flying passenger cars and flying cargo. Our passenger car is a two-seater flying car prototype, which qualifies it to attend the world’s largest Helitech Expo. Vinata Aeromobility is also introducing and developing a fully autonomous Hybrid Air Cargo UAM with a payload capacity of 200Kg, which will significantly increase revenue earnings in the cargo industry.”

Vinata Aeromobility’s Hybrid Powered car weighs 1100kg and has a maximum takeoff weight of 1300kg. Due to the presence of an electric battery, this aircraft is classified as a Made in India Hybrid Electric VTOL. The flying car’s rotor configuration is a co-axial quad-rotor.

According to Vinata Aeromobility, the hybrid-powered flying car is more sustainable because it runs on biofuel. Vinata Aeromobility appears to have paid close attention to the safety of its latest design as well. After all, it is a flying car. The Hybrid Powered Flying Car is propelled by a Distributed Electric Propulsion system that ensures passenger safety through redundancy.

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Distributed Electric Propulsion refers to the fact that the flying car is equipped with multiple motors and propellers. As a result, if one or more propellers or motors fail, the remaining propellers and motors can safely land the flying car. In the event of a generator power outage, backup power will supply electricity to the motor.

If anyone has any doubts about their safety, Vinata Aeromobility has them covered. The Hybrid Powered Flying Car is equipped with a parachute for ejection. The flying car is equipped with a parachute and an airbag-equipped cockpit. As a result, the flying car appears to be safe. As a result, the Hybrid Powered Flying Car places a premium on passenger security.


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