Uttarakhand CM launched ‘Vatsalya Yojana’ a scheme for children orphaned by COVID-19

Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami launched the ‘Vatsalya Yojana’ scheme on Monday to benefit children whose guardians have died of COVID-19 or other diseases.

Beneficiary children will receive Rs 3,000 per month under this scheme. Along with financial assistance, all beneficiary children will receive education and health care.

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To ensure the protection of children, all district magistrates have been designated guardian officers responsible for the care, rehabilitation, and protection of the affected children’s movable and immovable property and inheritances.

“Mukhyamantri Vatsalya Yojana has been implemented for the care, rehabilitation, and protection of movable and immovable property, inheritances, and legal rights of children aged birth to 21 years due to the death of their parents or guardians as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and other diseases,” Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said.

“For the month of July, as part of the CM Vatsalya Yojana, a total of 1,062 children were transferred via Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT),” he added.

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Rekha Arya, Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Welfare, stated that the state currently has 151 orphan children as a result of both parents’ deaths.

“There are 2,196 children who have been impacted by the death of one of their parents’ earning members. While 68 children have lost both parents to COVID-19. 1557 in total, 805 boys and 752 girls “‘She stated.


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