Northern India is becoming a part of GI Outsourcing

GI Outsourcing
GI Outsourcing

GI Outsourcing, a prominent provider of accounting outsourcing solutions to worldwide corporations, has announced plans to expand into Northern India.

In the New Delhi NCR region, the company has opened a new office.

A number of candidates have expressed an interest in working with the brand, necessitating the establishment of offices in this region.

The inauguration marks the start of GI Outsourcing’s aspirations to expand outside of Mumbai. The outsourcing firm intends to build a strong pipeline of experienced accountants, managers, and leaders in the next years, with the goal of doubling its size and revenues.

The Outsourcing company’s expansion plans are backed by strong people-centric practises that provide timely upskilling sessions. Here, the GI academy is crucial in developing performance-based training programmes and compensation schemes.

As a result, GI Outsourcing is a preferred employer. The corporation also intends to enhance its recruiter strength as a result of this expansion.

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Vikas Chadha, Managing Director of GI Outsourcing, said of the expansion, “Due to COVID-19-led issues, the times have been really difficult. We’ve spent the previous 18 months concentrating on building tactics that would benefit the brand in the long run. It is a source of pride for us to be growing in such difficult times. There has always been a scarcity of accounting professionals with KPO and Outsourcing experience. In the accounts outsourcing industry, New Delhi and northern India have great development potential. GI Outsourcing recognises the value of this vast skill pool and the significance of the Delhi NCR region as a gold mine for exceptional account outsourcing opportunities and personnel. We want to attract this talent pool and provide them with good opportunities to work, grow, and evolve with us.”

“We are very ambitious in our growth plans and are working on a three-pronged approach by expanding our service lines and offerings, adding high-value products, offering cloud accounting, and finally expanding into new geographical boundaries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and other countries,” he added.

Many accounting experts looking for the proper kind of possibilities will find a home at GI growth plan. With its large talent pool, Delhi NCR has become one of the most sought-after locations for accounting outsourcing.

Working with GI Outsourcing provides incredible exposure to their employees, and they transform into excellent advisors on matters other than bookkeeping, such as accounting software, taxation, and even financial planning, which is a value added benefit for the organisation or start-ups that use their services.

The GI office is conveniently placed in Connaught Place, the heart of Delhi NCR’s economic district, making it easily accessible to employees.

At the World HRD Congress, the company was named Dream Company to Work For and Best in Class in Operational Excellence and Quality, as well as receiving the “Udyog Bharati” award from the Indian Achiever’s Forum.

GI Outsourcing is a firm believer in improving the abilities of its employees in order to pave the path for a brighter future. To achieve this goal, the company established GI Academy, an in-house niche learning academy that offers a world-class, dynamic structured training programme that includes a wide range of training courses, such as UK accounting and technical skills, as well as access to external professional qualifications via a combination of classroom and online training.

Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, CCH, CaseWare, Iris, and several of the large ERP systems, such as Dynamics, SAP, and Oracle, are all part of the programme.

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GI Outsourcing, based in the United Kingdom, has been offering accountancy and business owners with innovative solutions for more than two decades. It is regarded as one of India’s top ten accounting outsourcing brands, with over 200 accounting companies as clients. The brand will continue to expand into new, untouched markets across India.

GI is a fantastic outsourcing alternative for accountants and business owners based in the United Kingdom. To fill in the gaps and assist businesses change unproductive clients into profitable ones, we consulted a wide spectrum of industry experts and accounting specialists.

They are one of the most trusted major financial services & accounting organisations, with over 20 years of experience in delivering the finest quality of work, on time, every time. They offer management accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, cloud computing, virtual CFOs, and controllerships, among other financial services.

With offices in Mumbai and London, GI has a presence in India and the United Kingdom, with approximately 200 finance and accounting specialists working relentlessly to give outstanding service to valued customers. Today, GI Outsourcing works with all of the main cloud accounting software providers, including Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, CCH, CaseWare, and Iris, as well as a number of significant ERP systems, including Dynamics, SAP, and Oracle.

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