Lionel Messi have a deal with Paris Saint-Germain is in order

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Argentina striker Lionel Messi said on Sunday that a deal with Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain is still in the works, but nothing is certain at this time.

The Maverick striker confirmed on Sunday the end of the 21-year term at Barcelona Spanish Club and he was tears away while selling goodbye to that club.

“Paris Saint-Germain is a chance, yes. I received many calls after Barcelona’s declaration, at the moment nothing is confirmed. That’s what we talk about, “As Messi said, quoted.

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Messi talked to Barcelona about his stint and said: “I leave with my three Catalan Argentine children after 21 years. It’s our home, we’ve lived in this town. All my teammates, everyone who was by my side, I am really thankful for all. From the first day I arrived to the last, I gave everything to this club. As I never thought about it, I had never imagined having to say goodbye. It is obvious that I did everything, and because of La Liga they (Barca) couldn’t.”

“Much was said about me, but we did everything I could on my behalf because I want to stay. I didn’t want to stay last year and I said it. I did and I couldn’t do that this year. This club, I love. I love it. Over a year and a half without the fans, it was very difficult. I would have imagined that Camp Nou would be full and could say goodbye properly if I imagined [his speech].”

Messi left FC Barcelona earlier this week as one of the biggest news in the world of football. According to the club, the financial and structural barriers are behind the exit.

Despite the agreement reached by Barcelona and Lionel Messi and the clear intention of both parties to sign a new contract for Thursday, the Spanish LaLiga rules on the player registration as set out in the declaration of the club do not make this possible.

Messi will not remain at FC Barcelona as a result of this situation. The declaration also expressed deep regret to both parties that ultimate wishes of the player and the club were not fulfilled.

“FC Barcelona warmly wishes the player the best possible for future development in his personal and professional career and expresses gratitude to him for his contribution to the aggregation of the club,” he said, as per

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It has been reported previously that all Messi is set to sign a new five-year agreement with the Barcelona Spanish Club. In addition to signing a new deal, Messi would also take a 50% wage cut, said.

The report said that Messi agreed to cut his annual profits for the re-signing of Barcelona and that in the coming weeks the club would be making a formal announcement.

After signing up for the club in 2004, Messi spent all of his career with Barcelona. In June this year, his contract expired, but a new agreement with the Catalan side was to be signed.


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