Delhi HC asks Centre’s on plea over non-payment of stipend to foreign medical graduates

Delhi HC
Delhi HC

The Delhi High Court on Monday requested the Ministry of Health to respond to an Association for MD Physicians petition favouring deciding the issue of foreign medical graduates who go on a 12-month compulsory rotation internship in India on receiving their stipend promptly.

She asked the Ministry of Justice to file a response and set the matter for a hearing on September 23.
In its petition, the Association of MD Physicians has requested that the stipend benefit be extended to foreign medical graduates who hold their primary medical qualification from recognised medical colleges outside India and go on a compulsory rotational internship in India.

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A further direction was also requested that is will ensure that the foreign medical graduates doing a 12-month compulsory internship in India are on equal footing with Indian medical graduates and MBBS students in India.

The Delhi High Court told the respondents on January 22, 2021, to consider the request that was made by the petitioner on December 3, 2020, and respond to it within eight weeks.

“Despite the court’s order dated January 22, 2021, the respondents have failed to take into consideration the representation that was rendered on December 3, 2020, and therefore have not responded to that same. as a result, the petitioner/applicant has chosen to prefer the instant Application for the aforementioned compliance of the aforementioned order dated January 22, 2021, to reanimate the Petition (by using the same reliefs in the Petition) “the petitioner commented, “

Petitioners Adit S Pujari and Kajal Dalal filed the complaint.

In support of his/her petition, the petitioner has requested the court to direct the respondents Center to consider and respond to the representation that was received on December 3, 2020, within two weeks.


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