Camu launches revamped Learning Management System for improved academic governance


Camu, a leading EdTech solution powered by Octoze Technologies’ Unified Student Information System and Learning Management System, announced today the formal launch of its revamped Learning Management System (LMS 2.0), which will be offered to institutions worldwide later this month.

With the goal of improving the teaching and learning experience and enabling complete autonomy and self-sufficiency, the company has enhanced its technology portfolio with smarter and more intuitive features. The new LMS has a slew of new features, such as enhanced access, seamless navigation, fast sharing, and limitless storage. “We have leveraged the power of a unified Student Information System and Learning Management System, to offer an engaging learning experience and the ability to manage the student life-cycle without boundaries,” says Swami AR, Co-founder & CEO, Octoze Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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By putting the user at the centre of product design, Camu’s software specialists were able to create a pedagogical solution that is compatible with the requirements of all educational stakeholders, making it particularly appealing in the current environment of remote learning, blended learning, and hybrid learning.

LMS 2.0 enables institutions to easily and quickly access numerous forms of data in a single location, whether text, photos, or videos. Additionally, it enables more efficient cooperation between academics and departments, resulting in increased process synergy and workflow. Additionally, it permits the immediate and automated development and distribution of information.

It is designed to be mobile-first, enabling students and teachers to initiate a variety of tasks on the go. From assigning work to administering tests, resolving conflicts to releasing grades, gratification is just a click away.

“Camu LMS 2.0 scales with the institution, offers heightened access, seamless navigation, instant shareability, and limitless storage,” Swami reiterates. “Our unified SIS & LMS system helps Instructors track learner progress and performance with ease and simplicity.” We’re excited to witness the impact of LMS 2.0 on universities and colleges worldwide, given Camu’s demonstrated track record of helping institutions toward operational excellence. LMS 2.0 is scheduled to be released to the market on August 18, 2021.

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