Aryana Sayeed, an Afghan singing diva, described her Kabul escape as ‘tough, challenging’

Aryana Sayeed
Aryana Sayeed

Aryana Sayeed, a well-known pop performer in Afghanistan, described her departure from Kabul during the Taliban’s control of the war-torn country as “extremely difficult and very challenging.”

In an exclusive interview with ANI from an undisclosed location, she discussed her escape “I was in Afghanistan for eight months and all of a sudden, a change occurred; the Taliban invaded Kabul and took control. I was forced to flee Afghanistan. We left in a tough manner; it was quite difficult for me. Apart from being a musician, I am an ardent advocate for women’s rights. By the time we made the decision to depart from Afghanistan, the Taliban had established checkpoints throughout the country. We were terrified.”

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Additionally, she stated that the actual obstacle was travelling from her home to Kabul airport through numerous Taliban checkpoints in the capital city following the Taliban’s takeover last Sunday.

“The travel from home to the airport posed a significant obstacle; however, we made it to the airport. My fiance and I, as well as 100 other Americans with passports, were the fortunate ones “‘She stated.

She described the event as absolute turmoil on August 15, the day she was scheduled to depart the country. “As you can see from the video, it was complete anarchy. That is exactly what happened to me; my trip was scheduled for August 15th and I was booked on a commercial aeroplane; but, on that day, the Taliban seized over Kabul. My flight was scheduled for 8 p.m. We proceeded to the airport “‘She stated.

Sayeed described the scene at Kabul airport as being densely packed with thousands of people and children.

Additionally, she reported that when she arrived at the airport, the Taliban were still not present, but they did hear gunfire at 5 p.m. while she was inside.

“We heard gunshots and all airport personnel, including security and pilots, fled. The plane was unable to take off. We received information that the Taliban were closing in and may enter the airport at any minute “she continued.

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When discussing her future, she stated, “I would continue my career; I also worked outside of Afghanistan. I will devote my music and the proceeds from it entirely to Afghanistan and its people; it is my sole objective “Sayeed continued.

Sayeed added that she will do all possible to become the voice of the voiceless Afghans.

“I am not inside Afghanistan; I am outside, but I will do everything I can to be the voice of the voiceless; I will spread the news out there and see what we can do to obtain help focusing on Afghanistan and its people,” Sayeed explained.


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