Three relatives of Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara scored the same marks on the Rajasthan Administrative Services Examination: Scam or No Scam

Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara

On Tuesday, the Rajasthan Public Service Commission released the results of candidates who passed the Rajasthan Administrative Service Examination. Mukta Rao is one of the top twenty candidates for the RAS Exams. Mukta Rao earned the highest mark of 526. Simultaneously, Jaipur’s Shivakshi (RAS Topper Shivakshi) has 520 numbers. Mukta and Shivakshi are the state’s top scorers, but Gaurav and his sister Prabha, the daughter-in-law of the state’s Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasra, are the most talked about.

Gaurav and his sister Prabha, the daughter-in-law of Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara, received equal marks in the RAS examination. Both received an interview score of 80%. Indeed, these numbers are associated with Dotasara’s daughter-in-law, Pratibha. Pratibha also received an 80 percent score during her 2016 interview.

Viral Tweet में Rajasthan Minister Govind Singh Dotasara पर गंभीर आरोप । मामला RAS Exam से जुड़ा है

After receiving equal marks, there has been outrage in the state. There are concerns about this; it is claimed that his daughter-in-law previously received only 80 percent marks, but now her brother and sister received the same marks. 

Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara responded to this by stating that the number of people over 300 is between 75 and 80 percent. He stated that our relationship with Pratibha, my daughter-in-law, began following the examination.

Not only that, he added that Gaurav, daughter-in-law Pratibha’s brother-in-law, had also been selected for the ASI position in the Delhi Police. If children are gifted, how am I to blame for this? ‘Selection in the Rajasthan Administrative Service is entirely based on talent,’ Dotasara explained. There was no minister involved in this. Numbers should not be a consideration. This is the work of social media propagandists. Nobody has numbers due to familial ties.

Concerning the result’s association with his daughter-in-law Pratibha, Govind Singh Dotasara stated, ‘My daughter-in-law Pratibha was ranked ninth in the RAS 2016 results. At the time, the son’s relationship with his father was not harmonious. He stated that his son received an 85 percent grade in his interview, which is possible. Eighty percent of the marks were earned by a number of promising candidates. This time, Pratibha’s elder sister’s number has arrived. She had been preparing for RAS for several years. Gaurav possesses only 80 digits. He graduated from Delhi University as the valedictorian and has held a variety of positions throughout his career.


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