Tathastulive.com making your worship during festival seasons easier and safer

The blessings will come to your home from your favorite temples across India, just visit the website - Tathastulive.com

Tathastulive.com, an Ahmedabad-based start-up, has come to the aid of those seeking to connect with temples or deities during festival seasons.
During the festive season, millions of people are compelled to visit temples and seek the almighty’s blessings through ‘Prasad’. Tathastulive.com is a first-of-its-kind, spirit-tech aggregator of temples that delivers Prasad directly from Gujarat and National temples.

Tathastulive.com, an initiative by Jignesh Vasavada, Nishith Vasavada, and Satyarth Shrivastava, initially intends to venture into Prasad delivery, before expanding to offer Daan Peti, where daan as low as Rs. 11 can be given to temples, as well as Live Darshan, Live Puja, and Hawan, among other IoT-based solutions.

Experience with Tathastulive.com

Tathastulive.com intends to focus on delivering Prasad from temples such as Chardham, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mathura, Shirnathji, and Bohra Ganesh, as well as Gujarat locals such as Ambaji, Bahuchar Mata, Shamlaji, Dakor, Umiya Mata, Somnath, and Dwarkadhish.

“Our list is expected to grow weekly as more temples and local vendors recognise the value of online Prasad and, more importantly, the necessity of expanding beyond their physical space,” explains Jignesh Vasavada, Founder of Tathastulive.com.

Additionally, he stated “With temples closed for the longest period in recorded history, the hardest hit were the Prasad vendors, who went months without business.

As a result, we utilised their services directly and indirectly and provided them with a platform to facilitate the sale of their offerings “‘.

The Covid – 19 pandemic also dealt a crippling blow to many temples, prompting some drastic measures by temples that recognised the value of going online and beginning to offer prasads. Due to the fact that the majority of temples are located further from home, it is difficult for devotees to pay their respects and consume their Prasad. Additionally, 90% of temples lack their own Prasad, making it difficult for devotees to pay their respects.

“This is where we enter the picture. Local vendors procure temple prasads in their natural state whenever possible. Where prasads are unavailable, they purchase sweets locally, offer them to the gods, and then ship them to the devotee. Each Prasad pack is first offered to the god and blessed, and then couriered to the devotee “Nishith Vasavada, co-founder of Tathastulive.com, explains. “Our primary concern is safety during packaging and transit, as we anticipate elders and senior citizens consuming the same,” Nishith adds.

Experience with Tathastulive.com

Tathastulive.com intends to appeal to both adults and children. “Offering them a digital solution has become significantly easier in the modern era. Our offering would be anchored by a responsive website, a user-friendly app, and a slew of other technological innovations on a solid platform “Satyarth Shrivastava, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Tathastulive.com, explains.

“This will enable them to give prasads to their parents, senior citizens, family, friends, teachers, and Corona Warriors,” Satyarth added.

This start-up paves the way for small, medium, and large temples to be aggregated on a single platform and benefit from services such as Daan, Darshan, Puja, Hawan, Gangajal, and Prasad.

Tathastulive.com also aspires to be Gujarat’s first serious spiritual start-up, providing 360-degree solutions to temples and devotees worldwide. Beginning with 30+ temples, tathastulive.com intends to reach 100+ temples by early next year, including Vocal for Local temples that lack technology and a digital presence.

Tathastulive.com is an online platform that enables citizens in our country and around the world to access, experience, and fulfil their needs by lending a prayer to their preferred temple.

The startup intends to make it an immersive, innovative experience that serves as a one-stop shop for all their needs. Travel has always been difficult due to a lack of time; however, with corona, it is becoming increasingly difficult. Even for shrines already bemoaning a decline in footfall and revenue. The platform aspires to be a provider of solutions to such issues.

Jignesh Vasavada founded the station as a journalist with the Indian Express and a founding member of Radio Mirchi. He was also the National Programming Director for MY FM and TOP FM. He was also a member of Shri Narendra Modi’s digital team for the 2014 General Elections, in addition to serving as a strategic consultant for a variety of government and private sector projects.

Nishith Vasavada, Co-Founder, was a prominent figure in the travel industry as the former CEO of Jet Airways. Later in his career at Travelallay, he oversaw extremely large operations, events, groups, and a plethora of travel itineraries. Satyarth Shrivastava, Co-Founder, is a director of Adit Mircrosys, a company that has completed over 1000 projects in the fields of business consulting, project management, software development, and infrastructure solutions. They have been providing technology solutions to State and Central Governments, as well as multinational corporations and Indian conglomerates, for over 25 years.

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source: ANI via SRV Media

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