Pak LPG traders warned Imran Khan-led government to cut-off supply if demands are left unmet


The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry Association has warned Pakistan’s Imran Khan-led government that if the government does not accept its demands by July 31, it will cut off gas supply to the entire country.

According to the Express Tribune, traders have refused to accept the government’s new policy and have demanded the abolition of the regulatory duty on LPG imported via land routes.

“LPG is the poor man’s fuel, and the industry should be declared tax exempt,” association chairman Irfan Khokhar said at a Lahore convention.

He urged the Jamshoro joint venture to begin operations immediately in order to boost LPG production.

Khokhar also demanded that police interference in the transfer of LPG be immediately halted.

He stated that in the event of a violation of standard operating procedures (SOPs), the staff of civil defence and town offices should act on the direction of an assistant commissioner or deputy commissioner rather than the police.

LPG Leakage Problem Solved

Khokhar claimed that “substandard” cylinders, walls, and buzzers were manufactured in Gujranwala using used iron drums, resulting in an explosion.

He demanded that the factories that manufactured them immediately close.

“If our demands are not met, the Lahore metro bus service will be suspended immediately. On July 31, there will be a nationwide strike, and the entire country’s gas supply will be cut off “According to The Express Tribune, he stated.

Officials of the LPG association and convention participants from other cities marched to Kalma Chowk and blocked the track of the Lahore metro bus service. They chanted anti-police slogans.

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