Kubermatic joins hands with DifiNative

Kubermatic, a leading provider of cloud native automation solutions, and DifiNative, a specialised cloud native engineering firm with extensive experience in global infrastructure services, today announced their strategic partnership.

As Kubernetes installations grow in size and complexity, this collaboration provides best-in-class services for Kubermatic’s product suite to new and existing customers. By combining DifiNative’s extensive cloud native expertise and technology practise with Kubermatic’s enterprise software solutions, IT teams can easily and confidently deploy and manage mission-critical cloud native services.

The following are some of the benefits of this partnership for both existing and new customers:

  1. Simple and secure migration to scalable Kubernetes infrastructure without investing in or establishing a dedicated operations team
  2. Rapid deployment and secure operation of cloud native services backed by round-the-clock support
  3. The best developer experience combined with the ability to work with any infrastructure

“We believe that future cloud native applications should operate on the principles of minimal resources and maximum automation, leveraging declarative and intent-based operations,” says Sascha Haase, Kubermatic’s VP Edge. “We are overjoyed to have found a partner who shares and embodies this mindset, enabling us to add value to our new and existing customers.”

“We are ecstatic to be Kubermatic’s Services Partner and to support their product portfolio. We see tremendous synergy between the values and solutions of our companies. This partnership complements our sole mission of bringing deep platform engineering expertise to cloud native services, leveraging innovative applications, and accelerating the commercialization of our clients’ market-facing products and services “Saji Thoppil, DifiNative’s founder and chief technology officer, explains.

source: ANI

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